“A beautiful reminder to bring you back to the present moment and awareness. Amara's warm personality beams from her writing.”

Derek Sivers
Author, "How to live," CD Baby

*Awareness Challenge for a happier year is an invitation to use meditation on a daily basis while using the simplest practices without disrupting your life.

*Awareness Challenge is about shedding light onto your life and sprinkling happiness all over it. For one year. And it's for life.

*It is about implementing awareness into your day-to-day life and seeing how happiness becomes the only choice.

*Did you think meditation is boring? Think again, I challenge you with love to see for yourself!

the content of the ebook
1 Present Continous
2 Skip a Meal
3 Naked Mirror
4 Timelessness
5 Wealth Awareness
6 Music Box
7 Belly Care
8 Holy Water
9 Self-Parenting
10 Loving the Bad
11 Feed the Fish
12 Blindfold
13 Watering the Ears
14 Singing Food
15 Ground Work
16 Gratitude Upside Down

17 Foot Mindfulness

18 Deautomatize

19 Love Massage

20 Landing

21 Feeling the Feeling

22 Little Prayer

23 Give It a Hug

24 Laugh It Off

25 One With Tree

26 Hello Sun

27 Samaritan's Week

28 Water and Communicate

29 Ommm

30 Say My Name

31 Body, I Love You

32 Earth Love

33 For the Offended

34 Uncomfortable Questions

35 All the Money in the World

36 Peace

37 No Limits

38 Worry Meditation

39 Acknowledging the Blood

40 Coloring

41 Opening Chakras

42 Stop Right Now

43 Evening in the Morning

44 On Your Knees

45 Enjoy the Drink

46 Funny Faces

47 Smell the World

48 Dancing Hands

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