WEBINAR Collective Energy in your Life Chart: gifts you are destined to share with the world.
Collective Circuitry in Human Design: What is it all about?

Are you a team player or a pure individual?

What gifts and talents you possess?

Do you have collective energy in your Chart, and what does it mean in the context of your life?

If you don’t have collective energy, is there anything you can do?

How important is sharing for you? What if it’s not? What to do with it?

How does it happen that one person is meant to change the world, and the other one is meant to be in crowd and be the supportive chain – and be as important at the same time? And how come that it all makes sense and has a reason to exist?

Do you have Judgment, Talent, Logical Mind or Abstract Mind, Concentration, Rhythm, Alpha, Organizing, Versatility, Curiosity, The Prodigal, Discovery, Recognition, Cycles Channels, and how to attune to all of that if you don’t have it in your Chart?

These and many other quesions are answered in this webinar. You will receive forever access to:

  1. The webinar videos
  2. Practices for Living your Design specifically aimed at this Circuitry.
  3. Extra audio materials

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