human design you WITH AMARA
Learn how to read charts,
see beyond what is visible in the chart,
the mystical part of Human Design
and much more...
Certification Program
what we are going to do
  • Live Webinars
    We are going to meet online to answer all sorts of questions that only Professional Human Designers should know. We are building our intentional road and walking it solving everything on the way.
  • Training
    We are going to create as many charts as we can and answer questions about life through the Chart. First, it will be me who will be answering your questions about your clients, loved ones, your personal chart. And then we go deeper...
  • Personal Practice
    You are going to start reading your first charts. If you have already started doing that before, there will be something new for you in this section for sure because it is customized, remember?
  • See beyond the visible in the Chart
    I will teach you what else Human Design chart hold beyond the known Gates, Channels, Centers, etc. It is the mystical side of Human Design.
  • Exam and Lengthy Feedback
    In order to receive the certificate, you are going to do a full reading, and I am going to take it apart into bits and pieces to show you your strengths and places that need to be fixed.
  • Certificate with embedded codes
    The Certificate of this Level is not a simple picture. I am embedding certain information codes into the certificate that will help your professional career in this field and receive new information. This is also a mystical side of Human Design.

  • Human Design Library
    You will receive A LOT of information on Human Design that will last you a life time, after our main study. And while studying that, remember that HD is not a static system. Take it further.
  • Module "Money in Human Design"
    You will receive here a lot of new information about Money and what Human Design says about this. Everything is not what it seems, prepare to be surprised!
  • Module "Relationships and Sexuality in Human Design"
    You will learn a lot of new information about your relationships, sexual attraction, compromise and compliments, and how to overcome troubles and thrive in relationships.
  • Module "Health in Human Design"
    You will receive new information about your health, what Human Design says about that, and it will be very surprising to you as well.
  • Module "Food and Nourishment" in Human Design
    What food is good for you? What is the way you should take this food in? This is old and new information in Human Design, prepare to be surprised.
  • Module "Children's Human Design"
    If you have children, or you plan to give readings to parents, this is a must have. You will receive a lot of valuable new information here.
HUMAN DESIGN is not just a system of learing about yourself.
It is an energy work that is being transfered to you through your Human Design Guide.

And it is very important for us to be on the same wavelength.

You already feel it. That's why you are reading it...
how can I make this program better for you
payment in installments
you can pay the whole amount or in parts, whatever is more convenient for you.
customized program
there is a plan, but it will be customized according to your Human Design and your personal goals.
studying one-on-one
there will be no distractions, just you receiving the energy and information directly from me.
archive of knowledge
this is a mystical part of Human Design that I will upload into you during our work together.
brand-new information
you will see Human Design from the point you've never seen before. For example, did you know that your home has a Design as well?
convinience and availability
our schedule will be fixed according to our convinience, and it can be as flexible as you would like to.
If you are a therapist, if you already work with people, or for some reason you would like to see if this program is a good match for you, schedule a free diagnostic session today sending a request to