*This is a collection of short fairy tales parable style I've written in the Osho ashram in India (Osho International Meditation Resort).

*My writing has an accent and it's one of the many things to enjoy while receving the healing energy behind the tales inspired by mystic Osho.

*The tales have written themselves out, I was merely writing what was coming from within.

*After each fairy tale you will find 48 awareness practices for here and now to expand awareness and let the healing continue.

*All the fairy tales have the audio version as well.

*The book is illustrated by a 16-year old aspiring artist Daniza Shausheva.
  1. The Scar*
  2. The darkest night of the soul
  3. Morning routine
  4. New Star
  5. Her old self
  6. From moment to moment
  7. Compromise
  8. The Gap time
  9. Tomorrow
  10. Honor
  11. Flute
  12. Last Sama

*There are awareness practices after each Tale.