special offerings
confidential, effective, powerful
#1 CLEARING RITUALS for all areas of your life

1. This is work for 1 year. After it can be continued.
2. It includes: 12 Clearing Rituals and 12 Clearing Processes (24 total) performed and activated throughout a year (2/month).

3. The Rituals are performed at certain auspicious dates.
4. Clearing is aimed to clean, cleans, clear all areas in your life from negative influences, imprints, damages. It is also aimed to protect, nourish and do the healing in those areas.

5. Areas: Father’s Ancestry line, Mother’s Ancestry line, fears/phobias, money/finances, body/extra weight, aura, addictions, home/house you live in, children, gadgets (computer&phone – they also have to be cleansed), unwanted and unconscious vows that were made on your behalf, egregores, mental and psychic health, activating abilities (extrasensory as well), uncovering/attuning to personal mission, etc.

6. This is a large-scale work on the thinner planes through Higher Powers and Light, with keeping your own free will.


1. This is work for 1 year. After it can be continued.
2. The following things are included into this offering:

*Solar Reading: Your first 12 days of your birthday are the auspicious dates when you can activate and imbed the needed in order to have the best for the upcoming year in all areas. You will receive the full algorithm and support on how to spend it according to your Natal Charts.

*Individual Prognosis for 1 year: what to pay attention to, how to make it better, how to compensate the negative in your chart, etc. You will receive 12 prognoses, one for each month.

*Individual Path of Development, based on your Natal Charts (astrology, Human Design, Gene Keys, etc.), presented to you in a human, understandable language. This is an ocean of information that will be useful to you throughout your whole life, and it is recommended to go back to it from time to time, again and again.

*Extras: reading of events, agreements, deals, important life situations for which you have time/date/place of happening; buying a real estate, etc. Reading for a home/house you are living in (as long as you have time, place, date of purchase, signing): what your house is good for, what energy it gives you, what to be aware of, etc. Prognosis of any event. Throughout a year you can receive 3 extras like this included into Astrodesign work.


1. Healing modality.
2. This is also work for 1 year. After the work can be continued.

3. Session once a week (on Fridays): for strengthening immune system and increasing body resistance. Throughout a year: 52 sessions.

4. Fire Water technique – once a month (12 total). It is aimed at restoration of water balance in the body, attuning all doshas|elements, psychic health restoration, increasing libido, calming an active mind, healing leprosy (if you have it).

5. Other healing practices are added if necessary.

6. It is important to understand here that I am not doing the healing here – it is the Angelic energy that does. I am the transmitter and the guide, and through these techniques you are receiving exactly the right amount of energy that you are able to take right there at that moment. You don’t have to believe in the techniques, their effectiveness doesn’t depend on that.

7. Payment for this work is donation, after each procedure or once a month.

#4 READING THE INFORMATION FIELD on any are of your life

1. This is work for 1 year. It can be continued afterwards.

2. I am using different tools for this: your Natal Charts, Runes, cards, psychic powers.
3. Throughout the year program you can receive 12 large-scale Readings.

4. I am not working through lower astral planes. I am not entering areas where it is not welcomed or permitted. The most important principal here is do no harm, do not suppress other person’s free will. Here (and everywhere) I work through Higher planes and Light.


If you are into shares, trading, investments, etc., I have just started to use my abilities in there, and find it fascinating. If you are interested in this, we can discuss it separately.


1. Creating personalized hypnotic audio tapes with codes with specific instructions on any area of your life in order for it to work specifically on you.

2. This is work with your subconscious, attaching it to the superconscious and transmitting the needed into your consciousness – with your free will.


1. This is work for 1 year. It can be continued afterwards.
2. Selection of meditation practices according to your natal charts and individual specificities.

3. Meeting online and offline (depending on where we are) for a mutual practice.

4. Correcting what needs to be corrected.

5. Activation of certain codes.

Confidentiality is a must and guaranteed

Amara Marina Marshenkulova

***published author of 7 books

***mystic, psychic, clairvoyant, clairaudient

***author of methodologies, modalities, processes, techniques

***Working with people all over the world in English and in Russian, with groups and VIP clients individually

***Working in this sphere since 2015

***Two higher educations: MA in Journalism from University of Nebraska-Lincoln (USA), MA in Philology from Kabardino-Balkarian State University (Russia).

***Personal practice: since childhood

***Receiving guidance from Ascended Masters and communicating with Beings of Light since 2010.

***lived in the United States, India, Turkey, and currently I live in my homeland Russia.

***trilingual. My mother tongue is Kabardian. If you’d like to know a little bit about my culture, watch our national dance, it will explain a lot:

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