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A Deeper Look
(from Ra Uru Hu)
Today is my favorite day. I am wearing my hateful T-shirt. My goal is to try to give you an idea of what can be the best advantage in every type. Because every Type has its dilemma. It doesn’t matter what kind of Type it is. Why Manifestor is angry? We are angry because people don’t understand us. They feel very uncomfortable around us. There is nothing funnier to watch how people are trying to stand around Manifestors. It’s really cute. You can’t enter their aura. Especially all these Generators with their embracing aura around you – they are trying to take you into their aura. And it’s not like Manifestors wouldn’t want to do that, it’s just not the way it works for them. We have this conditioning process, and if you want to say something, and your aura says something, my Manfestor’s aura says – leave me alone, if I don’t want to say this, I don’t. I am even saying: come closer, and my aura says – get away from me. That’s why it’s not easy to be a Manifestor. It’s not easy to be a parent-Manifestor. I know this for a fact, it’s not easy. It’s not easy to push through one of these auras.

Look, Manifestors have this reputation throughout many centuries, and you’ve got to understand this. People always admired that Manifestors were building this whole civilization, and throughout the history it was considered that Generators were simply slaves of these bright Manifestors. I like those times when Generators were my slaves, and it was amazing! I used to tell them – you could do what I do – and they tried, and I was watching how they were trying to do it. And I didn’t need to do anything. They are brave people, they are working well. There is nothing better than a busy Generator which is easy to manipulate. But this happened 300 and more years ago.

Generators don’t pay a lot of attention at us, as if we are the problem. And it’s true. They are right- we are not like them. It’s not very easy – to think or say that Manifestors used to have this true glory. And you have to understand that each has a strategy and it comes from the body. Generator’s Strategy or Projector’s Strategy or Reflectors’s Strategy is truly rooted in their body. And don’t say it to anyone: Manifestor’s Strategy is made up. It’s true. If Manifestors won’t pretend that they have a strategy, they will have a difficult time with all people. Then they will be very lonely.

And when I say “lonely,” I truly mean loneliness, being lost in themselves. And being very angry at the whole world around them. Manifestors are not like any other Type around them. Nobody knows what a burden they carry. Compared to any other Strategy – to wait for invitation, to wait for response, to wait for the moon, - it seems that we Manifestors have it easy with our Strategy. But nobody likes it. Nobody. And as soon as you, a Manifestor, wake up with an amazing idea, you know how to turn the door knob, how to open the door, then you go outside, spend a great time, lose yourself somewhere inside yourself, leave, get lost, and your mother ultimately calls the police, and the child says – I was in the forest next to the house, looking at the trees, playing and dreaming about future, and all of a sudden there are people with big hats saying – we found him, we found him! My mother was very angry. She said – I will never let you go outside alone, you can’t go alone, I will not let you, ever!

I opened the door because I could open it. I went out into the world because I liked it. The Strategy is not real. It is not this natural place within me which wants to inform you. There is no place such as that. There is no natural place within me which wants to ask anyone’s permission. I’d rather die. Because there is no true mechanics for this. The only thing the Manifestor child can protect itself – he can pretend that he is not really terrible, he can pretend that he needs others. «I am sorry, I didn’t mean to, I won’t do this again, I am a little Manifestor, could you help me cross the street?» If you tell this to a Generator, he will say – oh, of course, I’ll be happy to help you, let me take you across the road, such a sweet Manifestor you are. – And he will take this Manifestor across the road. As if this is the only way how I can cross the street. All we face all the time is resistance. And it really makes us very angry.

This shouldn’t be some crazy anger, but this anger is always there inside, and it doesn’t go away. Who are you to stand in my way? Why are you standing in my way at all – you are an idiot, you don’t know what I know, get lost, go and wait. That’s the Manifestor’s image driving a truck and driving it over someone. If you are a Manifestor and see someone on the road, you can’t just drive over them because there are laws, because there is a certain conditioning why Manifestor can’t simply run over a person even if they want to do it really bad. Instead, he says “let’s inform,” and we signal, and if you pay attention, when Manifestor is hitting the signal, he doesn’t take his foot off the gas pedal, he just says “get lost from my way or I’ll run over you, and it’s your problem, not mine.” And this old lady is even thankful that we signaled and she could leave. This is a food for the highway. That’s why we are not liked. Because Manifestors are driving around and not signaling.

But this doesn’t match any idea about what this person should be like. I will never forget my first public speaking. It was in some town hall, and there were really spiritual and esoterical people there. I remember this evening so well because I kicked someone out from there. I was on the stage saying all my nonsense and someone asked me a question – and I said «dear guest, get out from here». When I told him to get lost, it became really quiet. And everyone started saying – yes, yes, get out. And you could see how others started joining and saying – yes, get out. When the lecture finished, people came up to me and said – it was terrible, you have to be nice, you have to be a “saint,” you shouldn’t throw people out.

We are Manifestors. And there is a part of us which doesn’t accept any morals, any laws. I am an Ego Manifestor and these are the most terrible people on the planet. And very dangerous. Ask all the women I’ve dumped. I am very angry. Ego Manifestor, you can imagine – all my work is based on the willpower. And if someone stands in my way…Nowadays I’m signaling, I am letting them know, saying, don’t do this, don’t stand in my way. And if they do, I say: well, that’s your problem now.

There are two sides in every Type. The Non Self of the Manifestor lives with its anger, and if it lives with this anger, it will never know love. It just will not. The hardest thing for a Manifestor in their life is love. They don’t have this natural way of connecting to other people, which means that psychologically love becomes something very difficult. It’s very difficult for them. There is no feeling there that they have to be connected with someone, that they have to be attached to someone. The aura doesn’t let this. And when I remember my childhood, relationship with my mom, and this was a mother with a child-Manifestor. I was a child, and I was the last child in the family. And I truly loved her. But she could never approach me. It was simply impossible. And when you think about psychology, think about how difficult it is, what it is like to carry something like this within. And the anger – it’s the chemistry. It is passed on from the past, and I have to live with it. What, you want me to become nice? Do I need your permission? These are like the first kings, how they felt when they had to give away their power imagine? They will be ruling, and I will be asking their permission? It’s very tough.

The other side of the Manifestor is their signature, something which is their purpose. We are here to find peace. That’s what we want more than anything else. Peace. We don’t want all this resistance. I am living in the bubble, and maybe I am coming out of it once a day for a short period of time. I live in this bubble in which I don’t need to deal with this natural resistance. I don’t care that people know, I am saying about what it feels like. When I enter some public café, how does my aura feel? There is nothing which welcomes you, nothing. You are not bringing it outside – whatever you are projecting as a Manifestor, whatever you are carrying as yourself. They don’t know what you like, they don’t know that you like them, they don’t know anything about that. Because they are not feeling it naturally.

Generators are about the expression “give their heart away to someone.” When a Generator enters my aura, they are ready to give me everything. It’s in their aura. It’s good that you are with me, that’s why let’s be together, bring out everything you have. Projectors are pretty much coming on to you with their focus. I can feel them from any angel. They are like true snipers – let me aim at you. And they are aiming in that one spot with their aura, and oh, god, the further away from me, the better. And when you are a Manifestor, you are entering into one of these buildings, and they are all looking at you, and this is crazy, it is crossing all the borders. When a Projector is behind you, you keep on looking behind your shoulders to where the Projector is. That’s why you leave, and they say – you know, he is not very friendly, it’s very difficult to approach them.

And it is so funny. That’s the aura. And this is the magic when you understand this. In order to understand people, you need to understand their aura. Because aura is something how we all are interrelating with one another. Manifestors don’t interact. When we do, it truly works. It’s easy for me here, I am far away from you, I am in my own space. I can interact on this level, I can do this old Manifestor’s trick which I will do anyway. To be a Manifestor, to be among people, the horror from what it is like for the Manifestor – people don’t understand this. This is a horrible life. It is truly horrible and while you are living and not understanding why this all happens this way in relationships you won’t be able to break free from conditioning.

I thought that something was wrong with me. I truly thought. It was clear to me that I am non-emotional, I am a Manifestor, and it seemed to me that I have problems connected with people with the fact of going into relationship with them. What was the problem exactly? I had no idea. I had no idea that all people wanted to get access to me, a lot of times I didn’t even notice that. Because you are enclosed in the aura of your own Type. And it’s very lonely there. Then there are all these mechanisms of our life, all these lovers, children and all that. I love my children very deeply, but they know what my aura is like. We don’t spend all the time in the aura contact because it’s impossible. I am living in the house full of Generators, and when I spend 10 minutes with them, I want to go to my room, and there is nothing personal in this. I just want to get out of this frequency. I am a pure non-sacral being. I don’t need all this. And this is not a mental thing, it’s not psychological. There is nothing personal. It’s physical.

And you see – until you start understanding this – majority of Manifestors, and it’s almost 10%, around half a billion people, - we have half a billion angry lonely people. It is not a very pleasant thing. It brings in chaos. And we are those people who want peace. It is our only goal in all that. Everything which is connected with this knowledge, it is connected with being able to get rid of the resistance, when you can operate correctly as your true Self. For a Manifestor it can be something you can rely on. The majority of Manifestors will never come to such meetings, courses, they don’t need it. And I’ve done thousands and thousands of Readings and very few of them were for Manifestors. Because they have already closed down, they are already angry at the world. And since there is no natural Strategy, there are emotional people which are riding their wave, there are Generators which are in their own discoveries, and they are answering for their life, there are Projectors from time to time which are also becoming aware of a mess in their life and try to sort it out. And this all is resonating very deeply for them. But not for a Manifestor.

If you want to teach your Manifestor child to be polite, you need to understand that it is not natural for them. It’s not what they like, not something they would want to learn. This is not that child which would want to play by the rules of this world. This is a training. For a Manifestor child – if they didn’t receive this training before they become grown ups, it will be too late when they are adults. I’ve met very few adult Manifestors which were very polite. What does it mean for an adult Manifestor to inform? It changed my life for real.

I don’t have any reason or base to say anything to anybody. I was crazy and I had this strange experience. I was completely lonely, and in a way I liked it. It was a special life. If honestly, I have no real reason or wish to change it. I didn’t want to tell this story of the Voice to anyone, but more than that I didn’t want to have years and years of resistance. What it was for me, for a Manifestor, all these 20 years – to contribute something new into this world and all the time deal with this resistance. And I kept on standing and informing, letting them know. It saved my life.

I have such a blessed life. It is so easy for me to be myself, to be this Manifestor. We are here to influence, so we are not that useless. I influenced many beings on this planet, and that’s the core. We have this influence, effect. When you are thinking of a Manifestor, think about what they watch, contemplate. But before you do this, try to understand how many people it will influence. And then you will be able to understand what it means to be a Manifestor. Because our influence is natural. This is our gift, it is a natural gift. The fact that we have this unusual aura different from the rest, helps us standing. They know us, they see us, and we truly influence them.

It doesn’t mean that Manifestors won’t come out, that they are completely uninterested in themselves. During these 20 years I am still learning about myself, studying myself because that’s the most interesting thing. I am a Manifestor, not a Generator. Generators are always in some temple of themselves. I am here not to get to know myself, I am not worried about that. Influence, effect – yes, that’s interesting, that’s what Manifestor is interested in – can I influence? What kind of influence? When I was giving a Reading to a Manifestor, all of them were telling me – I don’t need these Readings, I just came to you to find out the truth, I want the truth.

For example, there is an ideal of a pure Generator, and I can’t think of something more ideal, perfect, it simply perfect. All they need to do is resonate, respond, and this is a classical example of what gives us everything in this life. And look at us Manifestors, we are not like that. We are not lilacs in the field. We are warriors. That’s what we are. The fact that we are now in this hierarchy and we are forced to leave from the top, it doesn’t mean that we stopped being the way we were. I like to see myself metaphorically as this huge statue which is on the field where nobody is driving, it is just standing there. That’s the Manifestor. But you still can have a small show on this field. You can have this influence anyway, and you can still live your life. Now this world belongs to Generators and Projectors. I am OK, I don’t mind this. Keep going. We Manifestors retired, we don’t want to rule this world anymore, we want this world to stop pressuring us. We want them to leave us be so that we can enjoy our life. We pretend that we like them. That’s what I do.

I am really pretending that I love each of you. Or while having dinner with my Generator family I do that. And if there is anything I can do right now, I will do it. I am letting them know. And if you talk to people who knew me in the first half of my life, I have a Design of a person who disappeared. There was a guy who stood up one day, left and never came back. And now I am pretending. And they keep on saying – what a nice Manifestor, sweet Manifestor, not dangerous at all. We can trust this Manifestor because it tells us something about what it is planning to do. It’s wonderful. And if you are not doing it, you are simply standing up and leaving, everyone says: what happened, is something wrong? Are you angry? So many times people asked me if I was angry, when I was simply leaving the room. And I was just leaving the room. These are people of the aura which say “where did this aura go? We can’t hold on to it anymore.” And they don’t like it. That’s why you need to say “no, I am going to my room.” And then everything is OK. Now he is in his room. We know where he is, all is good, no worries. That’s what it means to be a Manifestor.

We are those who have to always do things. We are those who have to do it first. Everyone is looking at us and saying – I am waiting for my response. The other one is saying – no, I am waiting for my invitation. And the Reflector says – I am waiting for the moon. But someone has to fill this bucket with water! And I don’t want to do it myself. We have to do it! And then they start getting annoyed with me – what you mean they want us to do it. Then they are going against you. You want to go your way? Then we are going to create so much resistance for you so that you will go and get that water yourself.

I’ve spent years pumping others. Generators, Projectors, saying how wonderful you are that you are Generators, Projectors. And today is a day of Manifestors. And if you are not a Manifestor, I’m sorry, you are out of luck, then you need to see what it looks like. All we need is peace! Think about it, we are the only people on this planet who want peace. Generators want to be satisfied, satisfied in war. And whenever you satisfy them, these are the most wonderful creatures, until they are alright, they are operating correctly, they are satisfied. Projectors want their success. They can be successfully killing, lovingly, whatever it takes until they receive their success. And I don’t care if this is correct for them, it’s good, then it’s good, do it. Reflectors want their surprise only, to keep getting their surprises. And we Manifestors want peace. That’s us. We are those who created wars, and now we all wanted peace. I’m sorry, my mistake. When we were in charge of peace, war was great. Now when we are not in charge anymore, the war is not that great. Now there are these collective, tribal wars between Generators and Projectors, and they can kill one another. We Manifestors never did it. I’m kidding.

But we want peace. That’s my job. I am here to get peace, to bring us peace. Gods like this joke, and this is a joke. Of course, it’s not about bringing peace to other people, it’s about receiving this peace for ourselves.

As soon as I understood all this, as soon as I understood that I am here the only Authority which can work for me, as soon as I started living it in my life, only then I started understanding that the peace is possible. I have an open emotional system, open Root. Look at my Design. I have three open motors. I have a very powerful Non Self – to avoid confrontation, truth, never know when enough is enough, always be under pressure, do this all, and it won’t even matter. I haven’t come across anything apart from resistance. And it was scary because I was smarter than many, and I couldn’t understand why I had this disorder in life. There was only anger. And being a non-emotional, this anger was terrible, so terrible. And I can remember those moments when I completely lost it, no control whatsoever, it was not me.

This is a terrible tragedy in this life that people walk around and never say about themselves, they don’t know something about themselves or about their children. People don’t even know how they operate in their own body. Everything we’ve learned from our teachers and parents mostly was a lie. Majority was not even connected with what we are. I have a big sympathy for all those Generators who were brought up by Manifestors. All their life is frustration. It’s so painful. And it is connected with the Non-Self. Peace comes to Manifestors when you play games with other people, and all this time dealing with this resistance. Then it’s much easier to be social for us, and the key here is Authority.

We are all ruled by the mind. The smarter you are, the deeper is the problem. It is what our mind does to us. It is here not to decide for us, not to rule our life, control our movements in this life. The real changes for me happened not when I started playing the Manifestor game, but when I started informing. This is what gave me an opportunity for my relationships, my environment, what changed for me, and what really became meaningful in my Design. I am a Spleen Manifestor, and I know only in the moment, and I only can trust what I know in the moment, nothing else. It took me a long time to go away from the power of this mind, and start living my life. When I looked back, I realized that my mind was doing an incredible work for me.

And then this magic thing happened. Everything collapsed. The moment there was freedom to just sit, be in this experience, in the moment and realize how deep it was for me, that I didn’t need to think what to do, what to say “yes” and “no” to, I didn’t have to think over a strategy for this and that, I didn’t need to torture myself. The first time in my life I started looking into people’s eyes and see. It doesn’t matter what Type you are. It’s the same. It starts with understanding that if you don’t start making decisions from your true Self, then your life will never change, and you will feel this emptiness.

Peace is a reward. It is a silence, peace in your spirit. It means that you won’t feel that you need to demonstrate something. It is connected with learning how to see, and I am doing that. This is also connected with understanding as soon as you are correct for yourself, you know how to meet with all this. We Manifestors are here to influence others but with our Inner Authority. And it is very important to understand about the nature of the mind. It’s not like it is of no use, it is splendid, wonderful. My mind is very good for you. Your mind might be good for me. The dilemma is that the majority of minds are homogenized. They are filled with the same clichés. Everything we see in terms of people, and with what is open in them, it becomes what they are not, and controls the way they think and how they see.

A blind Manifestor is a suffering Manifestor. And Manifestors are suffering in silence. We are not crying in front of other people, we don’t do that. We don’t know how to do that. We are doing it in our own company. When a Generator is suffering, he can share. I know these moments when Generators are hurt, you can all perceive this from their aura, they can’t hide it. This is the power which connects everything on the planet. Manifestors have this all inside. We don’t have any opportunity to give it out. It’s just a feeling within, and it’s uncomfortable. We can’t just go outside and interact with it. It is not our way. I remember when I started giving public lectures, I was telling them in the beginning – “don’t trust me. We are here not for you to trust us”. You can’t trust a Manifestor. If you say that you trust the Manifestor, you are lying. Because all your mechanism inside, your whole aura says – “there is no trust.” And no matter what games you are playing with the other person, this distrust comes out onto the surface right away. “I knew that you are like that, I was just waiting for you to show me.”

People are always waiting from us that which they don’t like, that which they don’t love. As soon as a child Manifestor meets the other one, he says “aha, another one, we have to pay more attention to him, he’s gonna be the problem”. From the beginning! My mother knew this from the beginning, she should’ve killed me, ok, because it would be a problem. It is. There is no Manifestor child whose parent, whose mother didn’t say when he was born “holy shit, here we go.” And then they have this Generator child. And they go “oh, so cute,” and the Generator’s aura is vibrating around him, and the parents go “here is my child.” And they are looking sideways at the Manifestor child. And that’s how we live all our life. We are always a disappointment for others. It is one of those ironies and dilemmas of a Manifestor.

There is one movie which really impressed me because Charlie Chaplin said at the end: “what a story,” when a third character entered. You might not grasp what I am trying to say here but this is really a good joke. A Generator child is perfect, ideal. Because everyone demands from him to behave like a Manifestor, and it’s not the same. Parents got a child Generator, and they say, what a cute Manifestor. This child will hear “do this, do that, be like this, go there.” And the small Generator learns to manifest. Of course there will be frustration, but it works because parents created someone this person is not. But they started the conditioning process.

As soon as the Manifestor is born, parents say “we need to make new chains, tie him up.” The Child Manifestor with an open Self center. You see him, he has everything closed up to his Throat, and if they could pack him, hang him somewhere on the back yard so that he wouldn’t run away, that’s what they would do because this open Self center, you don’t know whether he will disappear when he goes for a walk. Nothing will stop him. Manifestor children are the only children which are always tied to a leash. You truly can see when parents are walking with this kids, how they are on this leash. We have several Manifestors in this room right now, you know this movie. And it is what people want to do with us, all the adults, lovers, friends. Can I put you on a leash? It has a very nice color. I will give you a long chain. And I will add few more chains, OK? And then everything will be fine. Then I can trust you. And you just want to tear that chain. Everyone who has Manifestors in their life, has others who want to put chains on them. And it’s not like it’s all conscious. It is just there in the aura, it’s there mechanically. It is the first response to the Manifestors’ aura.

I don’t like leashes. That’s why I’ve learned to play the Manifestor’s game. And it is really a pleasure. And this is what a Manifestor should understand. And you can play this game if you are operating correctly, if you have this awareness from all of this. This whole business with letting the other person know, to let him know – not because they have a right to know, no. I am not informing because they have a right to know. I am informing so that they get off my back. This is just politics, get it. I am giving what is needed so that you get out of my way. I am giving you what you need and you are keeping your collar, your leash somewhere in your storage. Yes, I will do it, I will be sweet, I will let you know everything. Just don’t think that you are taking this because you are supposed or that you deserved it, or you have to get it. It is not connected with the other person. And this is one of Manifestor’s dilemmas. And you can remind them every day that there are other people on this planet as well, and that they have to pay attention at least to those with whom you are related by blood. You are waking up in the morning and oh shit, there are other people, and they are not the same as us. And I have to play this game. But if you don’t play this game, there is no peace. And the peace is very nice.

It’s much easier to teach Manifestor children, that’s the hope for Manifestors in the future. So that they won’t go through this discomfort, and so that they could understand from the beginning these relations with other people. I didn’t think that people wanted to have anything to do with me, it’s not in my aura. I remember how I was going to school and how uncomfortable it was to be in this aura. And you can’t know this until you start living your truth. You don’t think that there are such people who are interested in you. As if someone even sees you and you want to make life for them easier. Manifestor has to bow his head in front of the majority always so that they can live in peace. For Manifestors it is quite a difficult task since they are not interested in themselves.

When I first came to this island (Ibiza), all my friends were these sanyasins, and they started attacking me, speaking about this and that – inner this, inner that. I sometimes don’t even know what is in front of my eyes, I don’t know what they are saying at all. I was this sort of man – when I had relationship with someone, I would come in and ask what did I do, what I knew, what I’ve seen. The first problem for a Manifestor is that we don’t want to know. Because we don’t want others to tell us. The most difficult for Manifestors is to say to the Manifestor that something is impossible. Because Manifestors don’t have this spot within themselves which wants for someone to come to them and say – do you have a problem? Do you want me to help you?” And Manifestor says – get lost. Because it is not natural for us.

We don’t want to be corrected, to be repaired, to be fixed, to be controlled. Someone tells you that they are going to make your life better – it’s just another leash for the Manifestor, one more mechanism of control. And Manifestors can’t take it. I like my joke about a Manifestor who has a heart attack on the street, he is lying there, and these big Generators with big auras are approaching him and asking “can I help you?” He says – no, go away, I’d rather die here alone, I don’t want you to help you. It’s too late!” We don’t want others to help us. I remember these people in my life who wanted to help. I have 5/1 Profile, I always suspected even God when he was kind to me. You want to help? What do you really want from me? This is Manifestor. We don’t want to be controlled.

That’s why it’s natural that Manifestors are deeper than others lost in their conditioning, being in the loneliness of their aura, want to ignore good advice which they receive because it is not for them. For me it was always a tragedy, I always called myself a Manifestor who is good for Generators, Projectors, Reflectors. And my family of Generators are like lost sheep. Every time when I meet one of them in the house, it’s cute, nice because if it is of your fractal line, if it is not your situation, then the opportunity won’t present itself, you won’t change your life, you won’t do anything and you’ll just live those old models that you inherited from your parents and society. You are trying to do in the best possible way something you’ve received from them, and you are suffering in silence. It hurts. And that’s why it is not natural for a Manifestor to say “help me.”

And until Manifestor has this spark, and he wants someone to help him, that will be something standing in his way preventing him from self-realization as a being. This is not a Generator which requires to understand itself or a Projector who is acquiring mastery. As a Manifestor you need to know the basic minimum: where is your Authority. Strategy we know, it’s fake. But the Authority is the mechanics, your True Authority.

Look at my Design. There is no strategy which is written in my Design. You will never find it in Manifestor’s design. There is no strategy because it’s a lie. All you can find is Authority. I always like to deal with women because there is more reward with them. As a man, the most difficult thing for me is to trust my intuition. Look at my Design, I have a very strong, fixed mind. At the same time, my authority is my intuition, my Spleen. Everything which is connected with my life is rooted in my intuition, just like it is for women. When I speak to you, I don’t know. I don’t know why I am saying “no.” This is something that comes out of me in the moment, this is something that my immune system says. “Don’t speak to these people because it will kill you.” In 10 minutes they can come up to me and ask “can I speak to you?” The same person with the same question. And I hear as my Spleen says “OK.” I don’t know what changed. If my mind is trying to understand this, then I have a problem.

People with Defined Spleen that say “I know, I knew it would happen,” but they are saying this when they are already in the hospital. They don’t say this before it happened whatever that is. That’s what Mind does to them. I had to learn that my mind doesn’t know anything. It didn’t know that I had to meet this car and that it would hit me. My mind was really confused about what I did, it still doesn’t trust my Spleen. In those moments when I spontaneously say “yes” or “no” to something, my mind immediately says “what are you doing, why did you just do this? Why?” The Spleen will never answer. You can’t have a conversation with your Spleen. Conversations are in the head, and the Spleen is a boom. It doesn’t matter what kind of Strategy I have, how I play these games, there is my Authority, that’s all. You have to understand one thing – on the surface there is only one value – to know how to make decisions as your True Self. It changes your life. It doesn’t matter what you do, where you are going, what is happening – you are making decisions from your True Self and it changes your life, changes you.

Majority of people change their lives through Strategies – Generators, Projectors, Reflectors, but Manifestors are changing their life only through Authority, only. Everything else is a game, only a game to survive so that we won’t be overthrown. I never understood this, and I made so many wrong decisions in my life, it’s unbelievable how I managed to survive. So many wrong decisions. Because I didn’t know how. And the smarter you become, the harder it is to make decisions because you are letting your mind make decisions. And mind is not worried whether it is right or wrong. That’s the thing – because your mind doesn’t care if this is a right or a wrong decision for you. It doesn’t care! Oh, it didn’t work? Ok, let’s try the other one. It doesn’t look at the mind and say – hm, this mind doesn’t really do it very well.

Nobody ever told us that there is a place within us which knows how to live this life without any problems. Nobody. And when I think about all these children.. Look at this knowledge that was given to me. I am working with adults, and it is the only thing I can do, but in reality I realized how beautiful it is for the children in the beginning. We are making our children homogenous. Those of you who are studying PHS (it’s a section in Human Design which answers for the proper nutrition according to our Design), know this. As soon as you give them the wrong food, you already homogenize them because we know that they are made for choosing a certain type of nutrition, what should be given to them in order for them to fulfill their unique potential. We are making our children homogenized, and this is a side effect of homogenization – the way we were fed, the way we were treated.

To make decisions correctly from our True Self means ignoring all these false authorities. To be a Manifestor is the only thing which save me because I have this place within me which shouldn’t bow to anyone – not to the outer world, not to the God, not to any concept, to nothing. It is something that saved me as a personality, as a human. I know how to operate on this plane, and this is what this life is connected to. There are 2 billion hungry people on this planet, we live in the world which is very cruel. There are many kinds of pain, ignorance, and it’s unbelievable what is happening, and this all is a collateral product of the mind, this madness. And you know when there is a possibility to be able to stand in all this madness which we call a “normal world” where Manifestors are wondering around lonely and angry…And it has always been like this. They don’t know how to behave. And you don’t know how to live on this plane. Because this is a world of decision making.

We all are moving in the space, constantly, this is a great mantra in this life. Everything which is connected with life is the direction. And everything which is connected to getting rid of this resistance is an ability to move along your own line, not anyone else’s, not through anyone else’s rules or authorities. So that you won’t have to blame anyone for following their direction and seeing later on that the direction was wrong.

The magic of this knowledge is that there is an Authority in everyone of us, inside every one of us. But you can’t get peace as a Manifestor any other way, there is no such thing. That’s where your peace starts, this is what needs to be understood, because we see these clichés, and we say about the point of peace, about all these people who are on this planet. And Manifestors out of them all can be the most motionless. They are still, deep, cold. And if you disturb them, it’s terriblе, it’s chaos. But if you let this get settled in, it’s something really deep. This is a Manifestor. It’s motionlessness which is in this closed aura, this peace inside, and not all of these confusions, waves, circles on the water, and that resistance which we face because we have no right to be in aloneness, and we are resisting it, getting offended.

People often say that we are keeping the memories about all sorts of fears which were millions of years ago. I know that each Manifestor carries within themselves the deepest fears and offenses about Manifestors which they keep within themselves for thousands of years. Read all of these sacred books, they were written by Manifestors – you have to, you have to, you will do it, and if you don’t, you’ll be punished. Manifestors always fall out of rules. That’s why it is so difficult for people to live with Manifestors because they don’t follow those rules. But they remember. That’s why other people don’t trust us, they don’t want to be in our aura, they are being suspicious of us. And that is the moment when we can play all these political games – I am this sweet person, let me inform you, let me share with you, let me tell you thank you for sharing with me…Until you are peaceful, I will be sharing with you whatever I can share. But don’t put a leash on me. We have to be free, it is a free horse in the field. And the beauty of this all – that’s what it means to be us.

I always thought about other Types like about aliens, not in the negative meaning, just about something which is completely different from me. They are not like me. Some of my best friends are Generators and Projectors, and Reflectors. And there is no prejudice here. But they are not like me because the way they communicate with one another, the way they live in this world, the way it works for them – this all is absolutely alien for me. Look at the Generator’s world. There are many Generators. You know that they all are stuck behind these huge doors in the big generator kabbalah. And I don’t understand it. I was always on the top of the pyramid, and I had no idea what was happening below. To be a Manifestor means not to be one of the crowd. It’s not like that. And there is nothing sadder than when Manifestor tries to be communicative. It can be even painful. They are not made for this. And sooner or later everyone will notice it and that’s when the real problems start.

If all the people on the planet will put together everything what they said behind Manifestor’s backs, then Manifestors will be on the top. There will be stories told about them even when they are long dead. «Your father was such a bastard…» And these stories will linger on forever. We are so happy that we are not responsible for anything now, and that they are not taking care of us. This is a typical dilemma which I faced in life – I couldn’t hear my Spleen, I was ignoring it, and my mind was directing me through my open centers, and I was receiving all the conditioning there is. That was me. Everything that was wrong in my life, it was something that wasn’t me. And it is really tough.

The glory for a Manifestor is in the moment when you realize that since you have your own authority, you shouldn’t deal with anyone anymore. And this is truly peace. I am playing these games when it is suitable, but I am letting my Spleen decide when to play, when to be nice, not often, I don’t play a nice Manifestor often, I don’t see the point. I don’t see the point because it is a huge theme for a Manifestor – you either accept me or leave. Accept me or leave. You either accept me for who I am, just like that, and then you can approach me as close as I will let you, and you will never be able to come to me closer than that, so if you can live with it, then it’s OK. If you can’t live with it, if you can’t accept it, then go somewhere else, don’t stand on my way, don’t stand on the way of life itself.

Life passes very quickly. If you can imagine…it passes by with such a huge speed. I still can’t believe that I will turn 59. It means there isn’t much time to enjoy smelling the roses. I needed half of the life to understand what is happening in this life. And it’s great. I love maya. I love this illusion. And the only movie that we have – it’s all these people in the world. It is easier to see the dysfunction, the way this all doesn’t work, I can say how many children are dying every hour, how many people can’t receive water, etc. but my life through my own authority is ideal. That’s what’s important.

Human Design is a very egotistical knowledge, you should understand it. It is for one person at a time, so that you can love yourself. The saddest thing that I know is people who hate themselves, who don’t have love for themselves. They don’t think that there is nothing more pathetic than psychology of these people. And I am not blaming them, it’s not their fault. Nobody taught them how to find it within themselves. You can’t love your Non-Self. I can’t love that person who is avoiding confrontation, the truth, who didn’t know when it is enough. I didn’t love this person, he was unpleasant for me, it was not a good being. It was not somebody worth loving. The other person was really nice. That’s what I wanted to become always. Such a gift. And then you see what you are because it’s interesting what this incarnation is all about. I never tell about this, I feel nauseous from this. As if people know when they speak about different incarnations what it means for them…

I didn’t know what it means to be a messenger until I became one. I didn’t have any idea about it. Until you become it. And then it captures you. That’s the beauty of your life. That’s what it means to be in your Incarnation Cross, to open that you are truly helpless, incompetent, and that your Cross and your aim will be satisfied no matter what. And you are just a witness. This is what the passenger is here for, that’s what he has to do, that’s what it is about. It’s not about using your mind for ruling your life, it is connected with enjoying your mind and its perspective, and share with this perspective with others.

We are social beings, social people. Look at the Throat center in the bodygraph, that’s what our gift, and think about what we are saying to each other, just listen to people. They never say the truth, they are practically don’t know how, it comes out of their Non-Self, it comes out of their conditioning. I remember that I never said truth. The only thing when you can get rid of the confrontation of the truth, when you have an open emotional system, it’s to lie, lie, and lie. And the better your memory is, the better you lie.

I never truly have real relationships with other people. It was never me. It was always conditioning controlling my mind and making decisions for me. Such a chaos. And it’s not only my chaos. As Manifestors, we influence, and we mix up lives of other people. Truly. You see, it is so simple. You always go back to your Strategy and Authority. You are going back to your own things which give you a chance to see this being, and not that conditioned being. We are living in this all the time, all the world is the homogenized Non Selves, the mind which is constantly making decisions through rules established by someone else, based on their conditionings. It is such a boring world when you are looking at it from this point of view, so restricted, there is so little variety there, and the world is densely homogenized. The mind doesn’t know how to live. It is just waiting to die on this planet, and that’s what I know about the life here – that the majority people are just waiting for death. And the majority is waiting for liberation when the life will come to an end. They are born, and they didn’t like all that time while they were here. And the majority of people truly are having a hard time on this planet.

This Human Design knowledge requires a lot of money, it’s not for everyone, and it will never be for everyone. It is for a certain percentage of people who can grasp it and begin playing the normal games trying to live the lives which is not them, where they are afraid of the government, doctors, lawyers, teachers, husbands, wives, where the authority of every second person is way more important than your own. It takes courage for this – to stand on your own feet. I see us as the aspect of the godliness, and if I operate correctly in my life, I see this divine shining – I don’t mean anything esoterical, it’s a mechanical truth. We all are filtering the field of consciousness, we all live in the neutrino ocean. Each of us is unique expression of this potential.

And as soon as you don’t live out your uniqueness, you are open to all those diseases, problems which the homogenized world has. And they are much bigger than anything you can imagine. The first 10 years when I was studying, I didn’t even teach Human Design, I didn’t speak about the Non Self because I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to put it across to people. That’s how powerful the Non Self is. Look at your openness, at the whiteness of your Chart, and understand that this all is a receptor, the genetic receptor. And you think – I have to have this, this is what I need, this is what I am, this is what I have to become. As soon as you were born, you begin to become homogenized because people are feeding you in the wrong way, not what you need, and your neural activity closes down at the age of 3. And then you can’t already realize your cognitive potential.

Nobody ever treated me with respect throughout my life. it’s not like they didn’t love me, they just didn’t know better. I watched as they were destroying my life, I was just watching. It’s good that I am an Ego Manifestor, at least I could withstand it. Because it is so easy to destroy someone. It is so easy to place them in that world where they can live, and they will not find anything but the banal stupid rules. It is not a common knowledge. You won’t be giving it to the masses. You can’t. They are not ready for it. It’s not the way it has to be. We are approaching the end game. And in this end game there is a window of possibilities opening.

We are living in the great times, and it’s truly so, these are the times when people can really understand how to operate as their true Selves. Think about the whole humanity which never heard and knew about the way they operate in the world. This knowledge makes your life so much easier. And when I was given this knowledge at first, I thought, wow, how cool it is, it will be so easy, so simple. But this mind doesn’t let the simple exist. Smart people never like anything simple, they just find it too simple. I can’t say this to smart people, that’s how simple it is. And all what is required is to open the truth – that’s what the experiment makes you do. You can’t trust anything out of it, you can just discover it for yourself, and as soon as you enter this process, you open it very fast. And what a great difference it brings into your life. That’s what it takes.

And I am watching this movie for 20 years now, and it’s incredible for me to see how difficult it is to make people to accept the truth, the simple truth to make them try it themselves. It is so simple to check, and then you understand what I am saying, that this is not something universal, this is not a universal knowledge. No. I am here to teach everyone to be non-normal, out of ordinary. This is my job – to teach what it is like to be out of ordinary and love yourself for this. And how to find your beauty and your otherness. How wonderful it is to meet people which are not alike when you can truly express what there is. I’ve already seen it all and heard it all, I am not interested in anything there is, somebody is interpreting something for me, telling something over and over again, I don’t need to discuss the philosophy concepts which are simply garbage, and they’ve been discussed for centuries as if it is something unique. You have a unique perspective when you are not normal, when you are not bowing down to someone else’s authority, and not when your life is ruled by responsibilities which lock you and don’t give you a chance to see things the way they are, and they don’t give you an opportunity to be correct. Being correct is you are not dropping something which is operating correctly, and that’s the rule for everything. But you have to be correct. And this is again about the Strategy and Authority.

Every time when you meet a Manifestor, do everything to tell them that they can really be useful people. They can do their contribution, and it’s so difficult to get to them. The only way you can get something out of the Manifestor is if you truly love them. Then they can learn something about themselves. It’s enough to understand what it means – to be OK, to be a Manifestor. It’s OK to be a Manifestor. And as soon as Manifestor operates out of their Strategy, plays this game rooted in their Authority, they have peace. But moreover, you will see how incredible you are.

By the time we are 10, we are already full of problems. We think that other people are better than us. We think that they are thinking that we are not good enough. We would like to change a lot of things, if we could, and it is so sad. When I was giving these endless readings, it was so clear to me how people hate themselves, what nervous breakdowns they have as soon as I was pointing my finger at their Non-Self. They were saying “yes-yes-yes”, but I was saying – this is not you, that’s how you were living it, but it was not you». It’s the only freedom for us – to be ourselves. Whatever it means for me to be a Manifestor, with my configuration, or with other, the only thing which saved me – the thing that I am correct in my life. I don’t care what people think about me. I finally found my peace. And nobody can disturb it. And nobody can point a finger at my openness and disturb my peace, take it away from me. I’ve learned to see that I am OK, that there is nothing wrong with me. I am as good a lover as everyone else, and I can express my love just like others, the way that I am, even from behind the closed door. It is my variation of the theme. At the same time, if you don’t like this variation, I am OK. Find something you like. OK, that’s it for today.
A Deeper Look

(Ra Uru Hu’s words translated from Russian into English and slightly edited by Amara).

“I always paid attention to Generators more, they are the majority, and they can tune into their Strategy and Authority pretty much immediately, and I thought that the only way I can establish Human Design in the world was by waking few Generators up. And so I spend about 10 years trying to wake up as many Generators as possible on my way. I truly tried hard, and I hoped it would transform their lives. Then I realized: it won’t work as fast as I wanted, it doesn’t work, and maybe I should pay attention to someone else. Of course, I am playing with you right now, but nevertheless.

And I’ve noticed that Projectors and Manifestors are those that I feel commonality with, because we have an open Sacral center. At the same time, they are deeply different, and what I understood about the Types, the most important thing is that I see the aura as a wholesome energetic field which lets us meet with different powers. And when I meet a Generator, I don’t just meet the power, I feel this field around myself, as if it entered my field. Whenever I meet Generators, that’s the first expression that I have. And this embrace, it is never personal. It’s interesting – everything that is connected to the aura of Generators. It is something amazing, embracing, but it’s never personal. They are embracing with their aura any person in front of themselves, and behind themselves as well.

But when it comes to Projectors, it’s very different. I meet a Projector, and it is as if this person has a camera. All of a sudden I start to realize that this is a totally different being. I can’t get rid of that feeling. It’s almost uncomfortable, almost. Uncomfortable in the sense that I am a Manifestor, and I see this aura which is focusing on me. At the same time with Generators in this field around me there is nothing personal, they are just moving with this energy, and the Projectors, they are personal. There is nothing more personal than a Projector. You see that if you are a Projector and you are in the room with two people, you are already creating an enemy. Just think about it. Because this is a great truth for a Projector. If you are a Projector, and there are two people there, one of them will be very upset. This person will be upset because your energy as a Projector can be focused only on one person at a time. That’s what you are capable of. When you are focusing your energy on one person, the other one thinks, oh my god, he’s totally ignoring me. When a Generator is in the room, there might be other 8000 people, and everything is fine because everyone is happy, they are all a part of the crowd. With Projectors it’s different. Only one person at a time. And of course, it’s their power, but it’s also something that gets in their way.

The majority of the world population is not Projectors. 80 percent is not. And it’s more than 5 billion of people who are not Projectors. The majority of those 5 billion is energy Types, and Projectors seem like some sort of parasites which focus on one thing. We are all parasites; I understand it because we all live in this Generators’ life. But Projector is so focused on one that his aura practically burns into you, going straight to your G center. It’s not that it is holding a gun on you, but this gun is pointed at you. And it will never let it go. You can’t let it go.

The only people who truly bring Projectors into the world, are people with open Throats. Because everything what people with open Throats want is to attract attention. All they need for this is Projectors. That’s why as long as they have a Projector, they are always ready to meet with the Projector, “they are looking only at me, they are worried about me, they don’t see anyone else in that room but me”. People with undefined Throats are simply inhaling Projectors, sucking them in. There is nothing you can do. They are looking for attention. You will see this power. And then they have a dilemma. There is always a dilemma. There is no energy here, it’s not an energy Type.

Signature of each Type is some sort of a holy Grail, you are getting out from your garbage bin of what your Non-Self is, from the deep bitterness of a Projector. “I feel bitter that the sun is not shining”. Bitterness is always there. And this holy grail is success. Generator can go from frustration to satisfaction with the speed of light. Projectors can’t get to success that fast. It’s not an energy Type. it's not like they don't have this inner ability, no, it's not about that. What I like about Projectors is that they are so ignorant about themselves, just like Manifestors. We are not worried about ourselves. The last thing the Manifestor thinks about is to find out who they are. They are not interested. They want to know whether they can influence others.

I am not watching Projectors every day. But when I see them and think what they are, why they are here, what good they can bring… It’s clear with Generators, they are working, they are building houses. Manifestors are pretending that they are surviving. And they all are busy with their energies. And why Projectors are here? This is their movie – to enjoy life. It would be better in the next life. When I was given this knowledge, Projectors were put high up on the pyramid, and I thought – are you crazy? How can you change the hierarchy? How can you put people who don’t know what they are doing, onto the top? They don’t have any power. And they have to be at the top of the hierarchy and manage us, Manifestors? I don’t understand this! The world that we are living in, it’s the world of Generators, for Generators. It’s the most important relations on this earth. And it’s very strange.

Projectors are so unlike anybody else. They are really different, and it’s important to understand it. Type is much deeper than race, than any cultural differences. For me anything which isn’t a Manifestor, is already an alien, something not of this world, it is some construction that I might be able to understand and feel, but I can’t imagine what it is like to be a Generator or a bitter Projector, and especially a Reflector. I have no idea. I have enough problems with the fact that I have to live and play my Manifestor’s game. It seems like Projectors have different time frames. We don’t work in the same time frame with them, we don’t even live in the same Maya with them, they are different. Speed is everything to me, everything to Generators. We are the speediest people out there that you can imagine. We quickly spoil things, we quickly do things. We are energy beings.

And here are Projectors who are looking for this only center, the G-center which they want to suck out. Where is it? Where can I tap into it? And they’ve always been at the bottom of the hierarchy because everything that mattered for everyone, was this: power. That’s why Manifestors ruled the world. And it was glorious. It was very easy to operate that wheel. But we are leaving that age already. It has changed since 1781. Now we are in a new cycle which we constantly talk about, and this is a seven-year cycle of transformation which we are talking about: you need it to get rid of the old information which you were living, which was embedded into you. When you are looking at Projector’s life during this seven-year cycle, this is the deepest marks of differentiation which you will see because Projectors are here for something, they are not here by accident. Because it is connected to their ability to focus on the other – when there is no one else who can truly understand who this “other” is, apart from him. This is the Projector’s gift.

Manifestor doesn’t want to know about themselves, they want to know about their influence. Projectors don’t want to know about themselves, they are not interested in themselves, they are interested in how everyone else work. They are interested to know and recognize what it is like – to recognize something in others. That’s their gift. You also have to see that in order to become a master of something, a master of any system, it takes 7 years. You go to Southern India and you want to learn a musical instrument, you sit with a master, and you ask him how much time you need in order to learn this, and the master will tell you: 7 years. (me: this is interesting! I studied in music school for 7 years!) Seven years to learn anything. If you go to a traditional university, the way the system is built – it takes 7 years (me: actually, in Russia it is 4, 5, or 6 years, and it took me 7 by accident :-)))) So these 7 years are embedded into us everywhere. We go through the 7 years on the cellular level but for Projectors it’s the only road to success.

Success is something that a person is earning over time. There is no such thing as a success over night, not for Projectors. Every Projector, when they are going onto the path of awareness, it takes them minimum of 7 years to become a master of another person. And they came into this world for this. Ultimately, when the hierarchy changes, something which is so important with the nature of Projectors, is the perfection of a Projector, the thing that he will be able to recognize the potential of the other person. And that’s their gift – to recognize the potential of the other, to be able to guide them properly. In our consultancy, in business, we teach that ideally in every group the leader should be a Projector. That’s what they came for.

Projectors don’t come here to be leaders, it’s a totally new role for them. Manifestors are leading now, and Projectors don’t have such power to lead, they are a non-energy type. They can’t lead, guide. They can only guide when they are invited, they are conditioned like that. They can’t be leaders. And the dilemma that Projectors have is that the Projector child which was conditioned as a child, comes into this world with parents who are not satisfied by them, it comes into the world which overburdens them, which wants them to be an active being all their life. They want him to be someone he/she is not. Projectors as children go through hell because they are not recognized. They have the strangest idea about themselves, when it comes to them.

I’ve counted, there are around 70 different types of Projectors. They are the most complicated of all the Types. You might have a Projector with 2 centers defined, or you might have a Projector with 8 centers defined. You can see the chart and automatically guess that it’s a Projector. They are very complicated creatures. But it all brings us back to the same thing because you can’t become a master of your world, your life, master of your ability and understand the other person, something important about them if you will be busy in your life doing something that will destroy it. You have no ability to differentiate who is relevant to your life, who belongs to your life – a Projector who is walking around with a plug-in order to plug into someone, anyone, anywhere. And his Non-Self mind will be trying to tell him – it’s ok, no worries, we will get out of there. When they plug into someone without discernment, it destroys a Projector, because they have to plug to the correct frequency for them.

When I see all these Non-Selves, I am not looking for any traits, I am not looking for the expression of those traits, no. I only feel how the aura is passing by, and I feel this disfunction in the aura. And it’s really obvious for me in Projectors how dysfunctional they are, how dysfunctional the frequency in the aura is. And they have no opportunity to stabilize this frequency because they have no established correct relationships with people. Projectors and Reflectors are very different in how they are dealing with conditioning. Because of the fact that Projectors have a focused aura, they are made to be conditioned to receive the energy. It doesn’t mean that they are made to give away their authority, but they have to take the other person in, the person they meet. And when you focus on the other, you take in the conditioning of the other person as well, and it is not correct for you.

Think about who you are. You have a totally new car which works on gas, and you are using diesel. It’s a good car. You can keep it in your dining room, but you can’t drive it. That’s a Projector for you. One of my favorite things that I say about Projectors is this: imagine what it is like to be a Projector of a car. You have to eat other people. You are looking at some people and say – “mmm, this one is tasty, I’d eat that”. And there are people who you would never want to taste. When you are a Projector, you are taking in people so deeply, - your beloved, children, anyone. Projector is standing in the queue at the supermarket, there are 8 thousand people who are constantly penetrating your aura, they are recognizing you, yes. Everyone recognizes a Projector, but it’s not necessarily a good thing when you are recognized. You might be noticed at the wrong time. All my worry about the nature of a Projector is that their Strategy is so difficult that they are using it only from time to time, and all these invitations, you’ve got to be ready for them. It’s not a gut response – boom, and it’s there, for Projectors the dilemma is not really about how many people recognize you but about each specific person, to put value on each specific person. It’s the ability to recognize the other.

When I look at Projectors for the last 20 years, I see that they have this incredible ability to intake the information, incredible ability, it is embedded into them, the program system analysis. When I am meeting Projectors, whether they are psychologists or astrologers, they still work in some systems so that they can go inside and understand what this other person is made of. And there was no other instrument like Projectors in the human history who can easily penetrate the other person, from head to toes. And you can’t become a master of this Human Design system in one moment because even if you are worried about yourself, you are focused on everyone else. It doesn’t mean that this other will be correct for you. You have an Authority, it is there to navigate you. But the key is to know that you need tools.

This is a subject of success. What does it truly mean? It is connected with the fact that you as a Projector reach a place when it is not an issue anymore – the fact that you are a non-energy Type. In the beginning of this process Projectors practically wake up to what they are here for. And the fact of them being a non-energy Type is always a theme for them, and because of that theme they constantly walk with this socket to plug it in. And it’s destructive for them.

Bitterness is pretty cruel. It changes everything around. Let’s look at these relationships between Projectors and Generators. Generators work very well, they have to work. If they don’t use up their energy, they don’t get satisfaction. That’s why it’s very important to work for them. But also since I am talking here about the Non-self theme of Generators as well, because they are so immersed in this process, they don't know how to live. Projectors are born with this “I don’t want to work, I just want to live.” The child Projector thinks since birth – “I will never work, don’t ask me, don’t tell me, I don’t want to work. I just want to study. I will grow while observing. I don’t want to work”. And of course, they have to work, parents tell them to be Manifestors, and they hate it. There is no alive Projector with a non-self who likes what he does. Oh, I have to work, damn, I have to work. There has to be some way not to work and to plug into someone so that I don’t have to work. I want somebody else to work for me, give me the plug! What a miserable life. Because this leads to addiction, abuse, nightmares, and to all sorts of pain. And there is no sense in that.

The bigger the potential in every person, the harder it is to realize it. Projectors are given an opportunity through their hierarchal position, it’s their potential, and it has to be earned, it has to be earned by a Projector becoming a master of this world. And if you don’t study, you don’t become a master, you don’t understand other people, how they work, you won’t get anything, no success that you were born for. When this energy theme is not your problem anymore, and you don’t run around with this socket to plug it in, Projectors have this incredible sense of self-value. When you are trying to plug into someone, and nobody lets you, and there are so many people around you that you don’t even like, and you feel offended because these people are not right for you. In the beginning they don’t even see you, and you don’t know how to recognize those who are correct for you, they also can’t recognize you.

If you want to see the Type which is spoiled the most, constantly is in the mind, so that you don’t even want to talk to them, that’s Projectors for you. You are given such a mind which constantly tries to see some things, accept them, find things, but this is a mind of the Non-self, it is not needed for analysis at all, it’s a horror movie. And then, look at all this openness where the conditioning comes in, and your mind starts using it. Projector’s complex mind which constantly twists everything, twists this conditioning, starts making these craziest decisions, truly crazy ones. There is nothing crazier than a Projector who makes mental decisions because nothing in their life works without energy. And Projectors, out of all Types, are here not to be alone. They are here in order to guide others, to be relating with other people, to recognize them, and then the others also recognize you.

And you can see the mess on this planet. It looks like they don’t do their job because they are lost in the other. And it's the biggest irony of what it is like to be a Projector, they get lost in the other. And the answer is that the other should be correct, correct to a T. In reality nobody should be as picky as Projectors about who to be with in this life. They have to be very picky. Generators have impersonal aura, it envelopes everyone. Reflectors have a teflon aura, it’s not that important. Manifestors have a closed aura, we are in our own aura. And Projectors pay a really high price when they are not correct, you see?

Generators are here to surrender, and Projectors have to recognize those they know. Every time when a Projector meets someone, they expect something from them. It’s always like that. The more Projectors you meet, the more often you see who YOU are, how you function. But in the long run it all comes down to who is correct for you, and that becomes an authority for you. Projector’s strategy is when you start, for example, a new career, and you have to give it 7 years of your life to become a master, and then, of course, the Projector’s dilemma will be the fact that they will work in these 7 year cycles. They have to live with wrong lovers for 7 years, they have to work at the wrong job for 7 years, because they have to work through this, and in 7 years they have to become a master in that cycle.

But if this is an incorrect person or incorrect job, then you won’t want to work at it for 7 years. We don’t know, because nobody taught us how to meet the other person, how to start a relationship with them, how to interact on the aura level, how to investigate those auras – this peculiarity, this difference – being able to distinguish other people – that’s my favorite key. And if you are a Projector who is focusing on the other person, then it’s important for you to know that this person is basically taking care of you in this life time by providing you its energy, it’s better to be sure that this person is correct for you, so that you know how and what they will be taking care of you with. And that means that you never will receive it because you are not here to search, you are here to recognize when they appear.

For Projectors, for their life, all relationships that they have will never be valuable for them if they are not correct because the most important thing for a Projector’s life is relationships, not group relations, but one on one. You can have 10 of those one-on-one relationships, or four but it is connected with correctness in each of those relationships. You can’t afford being with a wrong person, you just can’t. Because you have no possibility to protect yourself, none whatsoever. Projectors feel so easily how the environment is manipulating them, easily. It takes time.

The most beautiful thing in the relationship between this knowledge and a Projector is that it’s important for Projectors. Everything connected to Human Design is the practicality of it. And everything about the Projector’s process is that they receive the necessary instruments to survive in this world, unlike the energy Types. Every person has a motivation, a theme of motivation which we can find out if we look at the Personality Sun. And when you don’t operate correctly, you don’t operate according to your true motivation. And if your motivation is not correct, then you don’t get the cognitive function which will be correct for you in order to be able to distinguish your true potential.

For Projectors, the Color of Personality is a very important thing. It is of the same value as a gut response for Generators. It is an important instrument for a Projector. In the work that we do in Rave Psychology, we start to understand the nature of Personality Color transferring, and it is how other people take you away from your true motivation. And it works in harmony. For example, you have a Personality Color 1, and you will be working correctly as a Color 4, and if you are 2, then you will be working as a Line 5, if you are 3, then you will be doing the 6. Why am I mentioning this right now? Because it’s important for a Projector to understand this.

Imagine this situation: you are a non-emotional Projector, and someone comes to you and says: “I really would like for you to take this job”. In this moment you have an invitation. If you have a Spleen Authority, it says: “good, let’s go and have dinner.” During dinner you are talking about this and something becomes clear, and it excites the Projector, and they think, oh, this might be a really good relationship with this person, it’s all correct, everything is fine. And maybe all week everything will be fine. But remember that this other person is the Non-Self, and your relationship with them is not a true one. He doesn’t love himself, how can he love the other? Maybe you love him but you are not dealing with Buddha, are you? This is just another Joe or Jane. And you say: “Ok, good, I have an invitation, everything is cool”. Just think about Projector’s dilemma. You can’t continue receiving invitations from that person every single day endlessly. He might just tell you: “Enough, you’ve received the invitation once”.

Generators’ gut response every time gives them the truth. If it is a correct “yes” or “no,” if it is honest, then it’s correct. For a Projector it is connected with only big subjects – love relationships, work, place to live, moving to a different place – that’s where you have to wait for an invitation. The rest is from the conditioning of people you are plugging into. You are plugging into a vitality. But the person whose invitation you answered correctly, doesn’t mean that in 2 weeks you will find out that something is wrong. Because things change. That’s why Projectors depend on this plugging in, and if they don’t have any specific tool to support that relationship in the correct way, it becomes a problem, and it's good if at the end they will find an opportunity to get out of that relationship.

In Rave Psychology I teach people what we call the analysis of the color transference, and this is Projectors’ instrument to understand the motivation which has to rule us. It means to understand that even if Projectors have the best mind for analysis, it doesn’t mean that you can make decisions with your mind. At the same time, each time you have an opportunity to find out whether this person will take you away from your true motivation or will let you accept the correct invitation for you. Because the invitation that you accepted 2 weeks ago and which seemed correct to you at the time, it will be different this time. And Projectors have to have a right to leave the room, to get away, to unplug from the person they plugged into. And that’s one of the dilemmas of the bitterness, because bitterness doesn’t come in the beginning, it comes out from the middle when they established something which was incorrect for them, wrong for them.

Traditionally, the Non-Self of a Projector always makes decisions when it’s too late, when they are completely plugged in, when they already saw that the other person makes their life worse, and it’s already too late. I’d never give this level of knowledge to anyone but Projectors. In order to become a master and function correctly, they have to study a much deeper levels, and that’s why it’s not enough for Projectors to understand Human Design on the surface level. For Manifestors and Generators it is enough to give them a 2 sentence-reading, and everything will be fine. Whereas with Projectors it takes them 7 years. You have to be in this. You have to truly understand how it works. In this point you can see the power.

I don’t want to only speak about negative this time, I want to say something about this wonderful ability of Projectors. People are blind, majority of people – these are sheep which don’t know where they are going, they are ready to do everything, whatever it is, they are lost in maya. At the same time, the magic of any Projector who is correct is to attract to them such people who can accept their aura and change their life. And they can do it. It’s so beautiful when you have such creatures on this planet who can know what way to go, to show the way. There are so many lost souls on this planet, and it’s a special relationship that we have between a Projector and a Generator, ideally… Generator possesses this incredible power, they have to respond, he can live out the beauty of their power when they will respond correctly.

I believe nobody has such opportunity as Generators do. But it’s not my journey. We Manifestors are not like that. We can inform from time to time. And Projectors are made to see the potential and beauty of a Generator. They are here to serve the Generator, to perform services for them. They are those who will be asking you questions. They are those who will be creating invitations for you. They can make Generators respond. But they want something in return, some hope. That’s how it happens. It is a potential honesty, and these relationships can operate only through respect. Each Projector has to learn to ask questions – it’s so valuable. There is nothing deeper than asking questions. I love such questions. when you think of a Sacral session for Generators, when Generators are asked questions, it’s so powerful, it’s so deep. At the same time, the majority of Generators are very unsure what questions to ask and whom.

I remember Mary Ann when she made a list of different questions that can be asked from a Generator. Projectors are natural at this. They will not ask questions which don’t matter. They can recognize you, and they can recognize you as no one else. It’s so uncomfortable with the Non-Self Projector because they simply put a hole in you. It can be so uncomfortable. But when they are correct, when you need them, when it's those who enter basically into you, they go right where it is needed. They focus their small aurical fist and hold on to it. “I got you, I caught you”. And they go through this process, sucking out all sorts of information from you. And you see that if they are correct, if they are right, the questions they might ask are those questions which are very valuable for Generators to respond to. And it doesn’t matter then whether it will be “yeah” or “no.”

It doesn’t mean that Projectors will always ask you the right questions so that you can answer “yes” or “no.” Sometimes this right question will bring “no” as an answer. It means that you just need to know what questions to ask. If you are a Projector and you want to go through a good experiment, always ask questions with Generators. Try it. It takes a great discipline, order. You have to be very sharp in your questions. It’s a great thing. And you will see what people it annoys, who don’t like it – just scratch more on the surface. Because if they don’t want for you to be a Projector, it means they are not honest.

Projectors are such soft toys for humanity, “I have someone who pays attention to me.” If you want for someone to love you, invite a Projector to dinner. They will give you all their attention that you need, and will tell you how wonderful you are. That’s why Projectors are often used, and taken advantage of. Even if your Projector hates you, even if it hates you to the core, the most difficult thing for them will be to say “no” to that attention that you are giving them. It’s very difficult for them to do. You have mutual attraction in the Non-Self. Projector is attached and depends all the time from being plugged into someone, and his partner is attached from his attention because they like when someone loves you, when you are liked by someone, when someone tells you that you are worth something. And it might not be true. They are just holding on to it, and that’s why Projectors get lost in that movie.

In this knowledge Projectors need to go very deep, way deeper than anyone else. They have to understand this all – this is something that gives them power. They get energy from this knowledge. They don’t have natural sources of energy, that’s why this knowledge gives them energy and this power. That’s why when you enter the Projector’s process, it’s truly a big journey. Over and over again I repeat that my dilemma with this knowledge is to teach it to the adults because I really worry about Projectors. Because they don’t have this instant transition as Generators. It takes completely different approach, continuous approach, and you need a true dedication to this knowledge. And it’s not that simple for Projectors to change moment after moment. And success for them comes as they get this understanding, concept after concept, how it all works. The mere understanding gives them this power. Every time when they understand it more, they go deeper and deeper into this system, they become the masters of how to look at the world.

Strategy is a secondary thing. Authority is always there, and you have to learn to trust this Authority because in the beginning it’s the only thing which will protect you from others. When you begin your process in Human Design being a Projector, you have people in your life, and it’s normal. Of course, those people in your life are a problem for you. They are keeping you in this old conditioning, they don’t want for you to change, they accept that you will be with them, they don’t want for you to study them, to test them, they want to receive your attention, but they want to receive your attention on their terms, not on yours. That’s when you become those people’s slaves. And it’s so sad. That’s why it takes really a deep commitment to really dive into this knowledge.

Projectors are my only students who go into this knowledge so deep that you don’t see them. And they will come to me, return to me, but they have to be truly immersed with this knowledge because it is really important to study layer after layer, until their time comes, until it all is revealed. This is the mastery I am talking about. And there are questions. It’s important to know how to ask questions. That’s the mastery of this knowledge. To know how to ask the questions is the great goal for Projectors. They are here to ask the questions that give them power.

Now I want to talk about Projectors who have Split Definition. When you have a Split, and that’s about 45 percent of people, what does it mean? It means that you have this fundamental openness which always looks for connection, always looks for a bridge. There is a strategy of open centers in the Non-Self, but when you have one split like that, it’s the deepest conditioning in that bridge, and this person constantly looks for this bridge, and it sees only this.

Do you remember the genetic imperative that we all have? It’s the fact that we are made genetically in a way to get attracted to something that is opposite of us in order to survive. (me: And by survive I mean repopulate the planet, that’s how we survive, we live in our children). And since we are attracted to something that is different from us, and if you have this split, then this openness which waits for this bridge all this time, means that you want this person to appear in your life. The problem for a Projector is that they are constantly trying to ponder and understand where is this resource which gives us what they need. But if a Projector has this split in definition, it can be simply an obsession. And a person with any split always starts to express it through blaming. This is the most favorite way of expressing bitterness for Projectors – through blaming.

Let’s imagine that you are a Projector, and all you need is to connect this split – this one gate, this one activation. This is something that you are blaming yourself for, when something doesn’t work out for you. If you don’t have something, and you are blaming yourself for not having this, you will be looking for it all your life. You will switch to anyone who has it hoping that this person will do something for you. And obviously it doesn’t happen. And you blame yourself – “I don’t have it, that’s why I am not worth anything, that’s why I am not good enough. And if I’d have this, everything would be just great”. That’s why Projectors with a Split Definition who need only this one Gate for connection, are always bitter towards themselves. They don’t worry about the whole world, they are only bitter about themselves because of what they look like, how they behave, what they are, etc. and they are constantly blaming themselves, trying to find this wholesomeness.

And there is another side of this coin. There is a Projector who needs more than one Channel for connecting the split. There are many Projectors like that. They are blaming others. They don’t blame themselves, they don’t know how to blame themselves. They blame everyone for something that doesn’t work. And the more they blame others, the deeper their bitterness becomes. And you will see since Projectors have this gift of recognition, the Non-Self theme of a Projector is ready to accept all those non-self things which can be blamed. Guilt, shame, it’s something. And it is all coming back to the same old dilemma. If you are a Generator and you have a split, you can use your Authority step by step, and you won’t end up at the same spot as a Projector. If you are a Projector, it depends on the energy source that you have. Besides, there is a sense that you are missing something. And when you always plug into the wrong things, psychologically it will be much harder than physically. You will never see things the way they are.

Blame is an incredible thing. There is no guilt, no shame. If I wake up in the morning in melancholy, I don’t think it’s someone’s fault. But what if I did? Projectors have to be able to get away from this bitterness, and for Projectors with a split it’s really difficult. Because the other person is so important, and it’s always the wrong other. I knew so many Projectors and how they chose wrong partners for them. They are doing it badly because they are not here to find partners, they are here to be invited, to be found, they are here to be respected. Those Projectors I knew of were simply plugged in, that’s all. That’s all you can say about these relationships: “I am just plugged in. I have dinner, breakfast, lunch, I am plugged in, they buy me clothes every year, and I will be staying plugged in like this”.

This is so silly in terms of people, it’s so easy for them to be fools like that. I know, I’ve watched my own movie. I think this person will be this, and that person ends up being something completely different. You can’t trust the Non-Self of these people, you can’t. You can only hope. I hope. There is a chance that they can screw everything up, but there is also a chance that they will make it right. It’s a disease. These are people who blame the whole world, blame others, schools, government, parents, children, work. Countless blame. And it’s just a way to find an explanation to their own bitterness. I am bitter, and it’s all because of them, you are to blame for it. This is a disease of people with splits. And especially it is Projectors’ problems if they have a split and have this openness, and they are not aware of it.

Projectors can be such wise people, they know everything that happens around them, and they can teach others about what is happening in life. But they stop respecting people, they stop seeing things. This plugging in becomes everything to them. Then everything becomes a well for them, the source of it all. And everything in their life is connected to people, with this special relationships. You have to really be picky, you have to be so wise about who you let into your life. Projector screams with their presence “I have no juice!”

Do you know how powerful you are? How attractive you are? Projectors are deeply attractive people whether they want it or not. They will always receive attention. Maybe it will not be the attention they like, we are still talking about the Non-Self here, and that’s why they will be getting all kinds of attention. And Projectors lie in relationships. They can’t let themselves be honest. It’s too big of a risk. They are not honest in relationships. You see then what kind of relationship is possible there. There is no value in these relationships. You see, nobody gains anything in those relationships.

Each Projector is conditioned, as a group, and they are deeply lost in this maya. And there is no blame in this. In order to understand this knowledge, it’s important to understand that it’s hierarchal. Only some people receive a direct access to it. I have Projectors who already went through this 7-year cycle who understand. It takes time. It takes generations to have this environment of Projectors who demonstrate this potential, who work. This is work, and it brings us to the base of this knowledge which says: this process can be completed only by you, nobody can do this for you. It doesn’t work in you, it all doesn’t happen in you. Nobody can grab your hand and lead you away from there.

You have to see that Projector has to first find themselves, find this deep desire for the truth. Nobody is interested in the truth as Projectors are. It’s their thing. And think about how many Projectors guide people and lie. They are guiding by lies because lies are much more successful than the truth. When someone does a Reading with angel’s cards, they are much more successful than when they speak about devils.

My worry about Projectors is bringing me back to the basic interaction. Look at Projectors in the context of this split and see all the pressure which is directed towards them, if they don’t know how to make a decision. If you won’t find correct people in your life, then everything in your life will be wrong, it will all be wrong. There is no exception. Yes, I have this person, it’s not that bad, I can’t reject him because he is giving me everything. But it’s not about them. It’s about you. It’s the most egotistical knowledge because it’s about you. When there is someone and you have to reject them, you will reject them because it’s not about them, it’s about you. It doesn’t matter if they are useful for you, if they feed you, etc. It doesn’t matter. It’s about you. If you are projecting yourself in the wrong way, nobody will do this for you, nobody will be taking care of you. It’s a myth. We are here only to take care of ourselves and not to get lost on the surface.

It’s something holy for a Projector to stand in their own Authority, and be able to say “no.” «NO» is a great word. I like this word, it’s really cool. I have a defined Ego (Heart center), and I like to say “no.” “Yes” means “work”, and “no” means “no work”. That’s when they leave me alone. It doesn’t mean that you will be saying “no” all the time. They always come back. That’s the seduction of power. Projector doesn’t understand how important they are for the other.

As soon as you say “no,” they are constantly in confusion, it’s a problem for them. It shouldn’t have been like that! You had to just plug in, and then everything would be good. Why be upset? They want your attention, they want to use you until a Projector understands, it’s their biggest access, it’s something that lets other people plug in. Because they like the attention, they just love it. Don’t we all love it? We do. But you don’t receive attention from Generators, no, because there is nothing personal here, it’s just a cute embracing aura. You can be there, but they are here by accident, they are just talking, these auras, that’s all. But it’s not a Projector. They have such a bad feeling of themselves, the feeling of self-worth, they can’t say “no” because they think it’s not correct for them, because they are afraid that they won’t be able to plug in. And what they need is to understand – somebody wants their attention, somebody will love their attention, somebody needs their attention.

There is a myth that Projectors in their Non-Self suck energy from others. In reality, everybody works like that in the Non-Self. In reality, the other one wants this attention, and tries to hook them onto the leash because he wants this attention, because his attention is more important for them, and they are afraid to lose it more than others. And without this attention they don’t feel self-worth, they don’t feel that somebody loves them. And that’s why Projectors are being used. And whatever stands between them and the whole is this ability to raise the hand and say “no, I will plug in only when I want, I won’t lose anything, I won’t.” And you know, when they do it, they learn something very important, they start to see their power, they start to see that nobody will get away from them. If you did this once, they will never leave you. Even if you are 1000 kilometers away, they don’t leave you, they won’t sleep at night thinking that maybe that’s the attention that they need. When you say “fuck off” to them, you start to recognize who you are, that you are valuable, that you have to be treated accordingly. And this is actually pretty nice to say “no, not now, don’t approach me now.”

That’s how simple it is. But it comes from the inner truth. You have to be OK with yourself, you have to start loving yourself because you are ruling your life. Nobody can live it for you, no genetic imperative, none of these tricks. You are ruling your life, you are guiding your life according to your Authority. And only out of that Authority you can raise your hand and say “no.” And this is a holy thing – to let everyone else wait, to send them away until they recognize you. And if it doesn’t happen, keep shooing them away, saying “no.” There will be others.

And the same about the emotionality. If you want to see spoiled people, it’s that split in the Emotional Projector. It’s like when you are on the Titanic, you have to sink with the ship. Emotional Projector plugs in at the wrong time. if it plugs in at the wrong time, then it won’t be a successful plug. Emotional Projector being high up on the wave plugs into somebody thinking that they received something. Then they wake up in the morning, and it’s not paradise. They will take into their life such people that mother Theresa will seem like an angel. These are very dangerous people, that’s how unpredictable they are.

You can’t play with emotions. There is no truth in the moment. It’s so hard for them to not let go themselves in the emotional moment. Somebody pisses you off, and this emotional bubble is ready to burst. It’s good if you don’t kill at that moment. It’s difficult not to kill, not to scream. All these regrets the next day about why did I do this, this bitterness, blame…. But there is another side of the scale. You don’t want to wake up with an emotional Projector-partner who is in a bad mood. You wake up next to the monster. Your life is at risk. Because you see that it depends on the other person, they walk on the street and penetrate you with their focus, and if this emotional bomb wakes up in the morning, this zoom is right into you. It’s not a strategy which says “I am slowly gradually going to work through everything». No, in the moment they are not aware, and when they are next to you, they might break your G center with their hammer.

You know what it is. I know, I’ve lived for many years with such people. Once I was driving with an emotional partner, and we turned onto the wrong road. We had to drive towards Hamburg, and we had very little time, we were late for the meeting. I am very non-emotional, and all of a sudden I feel this emotional energy in my body. I am sitting next to the person, and it’s such an angry emotional Manifestor, and this anger starts transferring to fury, and it is all coming into me. I don’t even want to watch this movie. We finally found the right road, and the moment we were on the right road, I think that this emotional person would just discard this all, and relax. It took 2 hours for this energy in his body to finally cool down.

And this was a huge lesson for me. Because the first time in this process I understood that awareness or clarity will not stop the emotional wave. You can’t just simply stop it. It doesn’t happen like that. This movement has to finish on its own. And emotional Projectors can be incredible Projectors, but you require patience. There is no truth in the moment. Projectors with the split always has to send others away first, especially if they are emotional. It’s important to understand what it is like to be emotional. It means, nobody has a right to strike a deal with you, to get access to you in the moment, nobody. Because you can’t make a decision in the moment. And it’s a fundamental law of what it is like to be an emotional person. Don’t do things in the moment, don’t be in a hurry, wait.

And as a Projector you have to understand that when you say “no” to the other person, you send them away, and they don't leave, don’t worry, you’ll have another chance to meet with this person on another place of your wave. And that’s the biggest dilemma of the Non-Self Projectors who are emotional – it’s the fact that they emotionalize their blame, they become hysterical. They are made to be one-on-one with people, and these relationships one-on-one always free all these blames. And then they pay with the consequences. They have to live with people in such a way that other people never saw them. If emotional Projectors don’t wait for their wave, others will never trust them.

For me, being the person who is doing this intellectual work, it is a privilege to work with Projectors. I love them very much. But it’s not enough. There has to be a deep dedication to this process. If you don’t reach the mastery towards the world, you’ll never be able to do it. It is some kind of unpractical statement. We really lack true good questions. During the last 20 years of my teaching when I was teaching this knowledge, I can count on the fingers of my one hand truly good questions. The question is always an opening to support – and the true question can awaken, transform the person.

Projectors are not here to discuss mundane plans. They are here to ask the right questions because it gives them this gift of opportunity to soak this in, to soak the other one in. And when there is this other one in front of them, they can truly understand this person, give this power a specific question, at least open this opportunity for the person to respond this or that way to this question. These are people who are asking questions, the answers are irrelevant. There is no universal answer, nobody comes to a Projector for answers. There is only unique truth for each of us, and each person has a right to a direct question, and not a homogenized one. It’s not a generalization like “how are you feeling today,” and it’s a great gift which is there in Projectors who know exactly what questions to ask, and this is a question which is not in the itinerary, not in the schedule. This is the question which grows out of the other person’s awareness and that’s the Projector’s role.

Projector doesn’t guide us saying what we should do, that’s not how they lead. Projectors guide by asking the right questions, that’s all. It is their potential. And that’s what I hope for. It’s a great gift. This is an outer Authority, it all is connected with Projectors. You know, this is like a doctor who knows exactly what kind of questions to ask you for you to understand what this patient needs. This is a question. And it’s not just an accidental question, it’s a question which lets you to go inwards and open up the potential. And since Projectors have this gift of recognition, they don’t just recognize the person’s potential, they also can recognize and open those questions which are needed, that’s how deep it can be.

If you are a Projector, you can ask the right questions and you will succeed. That’s what it is. It is for living your life, your role, and it’s clear that there are so many variations – Profiles, Designs, Motivations, and if you don’t know something, then you better go get some courses to study it because if you are a Projector, it’s the base of your process. You have to study as much as you can. The more you study, the deeper you become.

Out of all the things I value about this is this uniqueness, and that’s why Projectors are here. They are here to recognize this great potential in the other, to bring it out by asking the questions. You can guide, you can open the doors as Projectors, but you can’t take by the hand and lead. And Generators with this pure energy need this guidance. And Projectors more than anyone else know what this energy is because all their life depends on whether they have this source of energy or not. That’s why these questions have to touch the core of what vitality of life is. It’s their gift – to even out, to attune this great Generator power. The majority of Generators are homogenized, and it can be changed. That’s why we will continue to give discounts to Projectors so that it is easier for them to study, we will teach them as much as we can, teach them to ask those questions.”

A Deeper Look
«Poor people who spent money hoping that it will help you to understand Reflectors. I still think why it’s so many people. I will be speaking to Reflectors, and you can listen in. Yesterday I was talking about why I didn’t give enough attention to Projectors for so many years, and why I gave it to Generators. When it comes to Reflectors… I have barely spoken about them except for situations when I spoke about the Lunar cycles, that they have opportunities only through the Moon cycle. If I say that Projectors are aliens to me, then imagine what happened when I truly deeply became aware how very strange are these Reflectors…

What I am fascinated about Reflector’s nature is something which is probably the genetic mutation. They are completely different from the rest. And it’s obvious when you look at their Design. When you look at their Design, you are looking at nothing. It’s something that I find incredible about Human Design. You can bring in 59 Reflectors, their Designs, and all you see is those hanging gates in the white space. The life force which they can cling to.

The joke about us, non-sacral beings, is that we are parasites. But if you are a Manifestor or a Projector, you still have some life force, some vitality that works, which is innate…through any Channel that you have. But the most mysterious in this knowledge is that when you look at the non-live object, you know that there is a potential and it can become live at any moment. The wizards dream about giving the vitality to any lifeless object… And then you see a simple cell. And when you see a simple cell, you see if there is already a Channel, and that’s the potential of this Channel, and we go from lifeless to living, into vitality. It’s something really.

On a very basic vivid level, when we think about this, it is very, very obvious…it’s like the difference between a rabbit and a stone. You can immediately say which one has life, and which one is lifeless, who has the vitality here. You don’t have to be a great scientist to understand the difference between the living and lifeless. And think about Reflectors. For me this thing is very obvious that everyone has this potential of life force. But when you can detach and see why they are so different… That’s because they are the only beings on this planet who take this life force from the whole. If someone asks me which Design is perfect, which is actually not a very smart question, but it doesn’t matter, my answer would be this: no activations whatsoever…a true Reflector…no activations, no hanging gates, nothing. Being alone with God. …the true reflection, perfect one.

When I think of Reflectors in this way, I start understanding them. I try to mystically teach how it was all organized in life. A lot of things that we do on this plane when we are locked into this homogenized non-self, and when you look at the Solar Charts, we all are dominated by Sun, Earth, and it’s difficult for us to judge. It is our primary imprinting. And it is uniting us. The biggest joke with Reflectors is that they don’t have all of that.

It’s a big joke. Because for them Sun and Earth is something secondary. They are really not like us. They are truly different. They are not ruled by life force. It’s not the Sun which fills in their lives. It’s the Moon which guides them. They are not like us. You can’t compare them. Here is one of the main subjects of this knowledge – to understand where you are conditioned, to understand which is your own which you bring into this life, and what life brings you. But it matters only when you are talking about the Sun Types. If you are a Projector, and you have only two centers defined, you are open to everything but you have this very fixed footmark. And this fixed imprinting gives you the reference point for conditioning. This is something that gives the conditioning power and challenge compared to something what is defined within you. This is a challenge for any of us. We can’t deny the power of conditioning in our life.

But if you are a Reflector, you are born in order to be conditioned. You were not born with any fixed imprinting. You weren’t born with a fixed life force, or any fixed direction where and when to go. My connection with other beings is specific. I remember when I just started my process here on the island, someone came to me to have me read his chart. There are these frames when you use them in order to find water, to understand if there is water at all. And that’s how I started to measure the aura. I remember the earliest days, when I was teaching people at home. During the breaks I was measuring the aura with this frame. And I’ve realized that my hands were dangerous. Because when I was measuring, these were incredible auras. And that’s how the long process of understanding the aura began, so that I could see something which I was understanding intellectually and something that I was teaching. Because it’s the aura which tells our stories, demonstrates us.

My Manifestors’ aura is very specific. It is so obvious to me that it’s not like anyone else’s. You enter Generator’s aura and it’s so obvious for me that it’s embracing, enveloping. And Projectors who focus on your directly. And Reflectors…we had a house in Quebec, Canada. And there were these small stones which lay there for centuries. I would take a stone and throw it across the lake. And it would touch the water surface, and it would continue jumping, and it would never sink… That water is Reflector. That stone is every one of us. And it never falls into the water, never truly penetrates the water, not really. It just glides over the surface. And we are not Reflectors, so we don’t understand that Reflectors have this Teflon aura which doesn’t absorb anything. You are just gliding over it, and nothing is absorbing you. Or you are absorbed, but we can’t really explain this process.

Throughout this whole week I am talking about these signatures. Maybe the most difficult of all the signatures for understanding is this signature of surprise which is Reflector’s signature. Just think about what it truly means. When I started describing Reflectors, I described them as canaries. It was one of my traditional descriptions. The miners would take canaries underground because if there is a toxic gas, the canaries died first because they were very sensitive. Everyone knew then that if the canary is dead, you have to get out of there, there is poisonous gas. This way canaries saved people. It was my first description of Reflectors, - comparison with canaries. They are in a way the canaries of the humanity.

They don’t have a true role. This world is created for Projectors and Generators. It’s not for anyone else. It’s their world. But it doesn’t mean that there is no place for Manifestors and Reflectors there. But it’s not our world. No. Generators and Projectors decide where the planet is heading, what the consciousness will be moving towards. But I’ve learned something about the mystical process. You need a sign on the road. People which stand on the side of the road and say “yes, you are going the right direction.” We need these signs. Reflectors are those road signs. And the problem of their conditioning is that they are created for working out this homogenized world. They have to do it. They are not here to work out abnormality. They are here to let this homogenized world through them as radars. Have you ever seen these pictures when they try to track some object, and they draw this line round and round? And they go round and round like that, and these screens with radars are Reflectors. They are working out the environment around them just like a radar.

And this circle, this line is their Lunar cycle. They are going around one Lunar cycle in their process, keeping a close watch on the sky and their human environment. And then they make this sound: boom! And they start looking for something else. They are measuring the level of consciousness compared to the homogenized programming.

If a Reflector is not awakened, he becomes a servant of big problems. I guarantee you that the majority of Reflectors which are a part of our western culture, a lot of them are highly conservative. It’s very rare that a Reflector is someone radical. You will hardly meet those because it’s not their job. Their job is to measure how badly people are damaged by the homogenized field. That’s their job. That’s what they can feel. Apart from everything else, that’s why I asked Darmen who is a Reflector, to do the neutrino prognosis every day on the radio. Because that’s why the Reflectors are needed. They are receiving into themselves this homogenized program in a way that nobody else can. And they don’t just take it in in order to become homogenized themselves, but to be able to accept the resonance of the world around them, and the resonance which is there, which they see, where they see a problem.

Their mind feeds off these homogenized surroundings. They have this incredible ability to watch those who can get away. They are truly the canaries. But when they are children, they are confused big time. There is this magical ability in them but it’s so easy to get under this conditioning world, to be wrapped in it, so that they become NOT those who are looking for those changes in this homogenized world, who can give them reward and support them.

They can look at the whole crowd and out of the whole crowd they can find the person who has the most problems, and they can tell you about it. But if they are not correct, if they are not taught to do so, if they don’t know that they are Lunar beings, they will not be able to grasp it. When they raise their finger to point at someone, it means that that someone should be punished, taken away, killed. They can be very cold and cruel beings.

Diana is a goddess of hunt. I deeply respect her. You don’t look into her eyes with challenge because she can kill you at any time. But we are all ruled by Sun. Oh those Gods…They are totally different beings. They don’t make an agreement with the humanity; they are different from humanity. They have a totally different program. The Program is something bigger than a simple illusion. It’s a huge thing. And they are completely different servers of that program. Until Reflectors were beings with consciousness just like we all are, they were always those who conditioned others till the last minute. They are very good at it. They are very powerful at it. There isn’t many of them. However, it’s actually quite a lot. There is a joke those numbers playing truly. We are looking at Reflectors, and it’s only 1%. It’s nothing. But it’s 70 million people….70 million people who are born disappointed. You can’t even imagine what it is like to be born from the mother’s womb and to be already disappointed.

If a Reflector will not be awakened, it will never be able to avoid this. It will never be able to get out of this. They really want it, it is imbedded into them – to be able to accomplish that goal of theirs. And that goal is to be this road sign. That’s the beauty of Michelangelo’s Madonna. There are those angels on that paining whose finger points. Those are Reflectors. They are the aspects of that finger which points. But usually they have this tendency to be this finger of this homogenized world. You can’t blame them for this. They are dependent on this life force they are a part of, and they don’t want any problems. They don’t really. Reflector’s Non-Self is created to be so uncomfortable, so unstable, that they don’t feel comfortable with those who disturbs the pattern, breaks the rules. And they are taking this program in, the world of the Non-Self, living out this program. And anyone who is showing the sign of disfunction, and it means that they seem abnormal, they are pointing their finger and saying “that’s the one.”

I am a person who knows the dark side. I can talk about this as no one else. Because I can see very dark things, the darkest things, and I know that as a construction it’s the Design of Reflectors. It’s the darkest power which you can find. At the same time, the program can’t give them anything in order to uplift them. The Program needs those Reflectors in their Non-Self. Every time when I meet a Reflector, I think that I will not argue with them. To some of them usually I say a silent “thank you.” But it’s not many of them. The fractal line of Reflectors which can help us, to those who are ready… There is this incredible movie, the Matrix…this ability to recognize someone whom you took out of the illusion.

A Correct Reflector, Awakened Reflectors are truly those who can see this. It’s those who can say that they are ready to get out of these rules, these beliefs. They have the ability to see it, and we need it. This is the ability to see who is ready, and who is waiting. My concern about Reflectors is that I really understand what is their role in supporting this homogenized world. The deepest power which keeps people away from abnormalcy, are supported by this Reflector power. They hold this incredible place in our lives. But for me the Non-Self of a Reflector is much more powerful and much more dangerous than the Non-Self of any other Type. Because they are keeping away those who would be otherwise seen, they are trapping them in this world.

When I look at the mythology, my own mythology, I see so clearly this challenge that Design faces. let's take generators, what is needed in order for them to function correctly, and how it is important for this world. However, when it comes to Reflectors, everything what is connected with them, it’s simply connected with this state of awe, surprise. And the surprise has to be the most positive one.

I am grateful to Reflectors who are in my life. There are much more of those who never touched Human Design. I don’t think there is more of a challenge than to wake Reflectors up. Just think about it.

Moon… Nothing would exist on this planet, if there would be no moon. I worship Sun. all my body is filled with Sun and it receives from the earth this life force. But don’t forget about the moon. I can’t forget about her. Because if you will take her out of the equation, there will be nothing. We all are under moon’s influence. We don’t just see how it rises, how it goes away, but all our liquid in the body follows the moon’s movements. We are all in a way in the moon’s hands. It’s not only the Reflectors who have this relationship to the Lunar cycle. Each life goes through this cycle every 28 days, every lunar cycle they change lives. That’s how they measure life. I don't know if there is anyone who understands these people with an open G center. Because in a way these people are special. They need stability of their environment so that they can scan their surroundings. And that’s their role to scan this community around them and give these clicks.

An open G center is their core. It’s the community which is important for them because that’s where they have this responsibility in front of the program. They are servants of this program. And I don’t mean it in any negative way, please understand this. The program is bad only when you are trying to be abnormal and trying to wake up. As for the rest, the program is amazing. If you are leading a normal spoiled life like the rest, then everything is great. The crucifixion is there anyway, and there are babies on that cross. Just think about it, about all those millions of Reflectors that are born on this planet, and keep being born. You are being born in such an environment where you would never want to live in. Just think of those parents who are surrounding this child. And when the parent gets a baby-Reflector, they don’t really know what to do with it. They don’t know because it’s very difficult for this parent. It’s very difficult to be together.

When you have a baby-Generator, you feel it. You feel it so much, you get crazy by this vibration. When you have a Manifestor baby, you see this difference. When you have a baby Projector, you think whether it will be live or not. But when you have a Reflector baby, and you don’t know whether it was switched off in the hospital or something. Because you never truly reach them. Imagine that you are a mother Generator which received a baby Reflector. There is this aura, like a stone… and you see that Reflector is not worried about you. The child Reflector is the only one who thinks that a mother is just an aspect of all moms. Imagine this. The true Reflector, obviously. I don’t know how they are feeling it. But an awakened Reflector doesn’t have a personal connection with anyone. They can’t be personal with anyone. The others are just aspects, archetypes of one thing. It’s not my mother. This is an aspect of my mother as an archetype. I don’t have the best archetype, I didn’t get it. And there is nothing personal in this.

Then they meet their father. And it scares Reflectors. It’s the aspect of the whole, it’s a male thing. And there is nothing personal here either. Then you have a parent which wants to coddle you. And this child will play some conditioned role because all children have some role. They need to be fed. But you won’t feel this feeling like …you are my mom… No, there won’t be anything like this. And not only this. They will never stop measuring you with this radar screen.

When you meet a Reflector, you have to be with them for 28 days, you have this experience with them. And that’s it. Because when they go into the next cycle, it’s something else. When I want to demonstrate what is a Reflector, and how they feel, I say this: 24 hours a day in one moon cycle they constantly feel one thing, and it goes with a huge speed… And you see the contraction of this cycle for Reflectors. It’s their cycle, literally. It’s the only way they can operate nicely. And look at your relationship with Reflectors which doesn’t mean anything in these 28 days. First of all, it’s nothing personal for them. For a Reflector who looks at me, I am just an aspect of a teacher. And they feel all of this. Because it’s natural, they are taking in these Teflon specimens. Because everything in this world tells them “no, we are sun people, you are not suitable here at all. And you have to do all of this so fast, and we can’t wait for you. You have to be ready at any moment..”

And then look at what is happening with them. They are becoming the booster of this program. They are freeing these shoulders. They can point fingers at those who are not normal very well, at those who are standing out… It makes them special. And I become truly aware of the fact that we will never approach them in a deeper sense. The only Reflectors who will have any chance, there will be very few of them on my fractal line. And those baby Reflectors which will be brought up by conscious parents… It’s a truly magnificent gift. I want you to understand this. This is a hierarchal knowledge. It’s not for everyone. I will not go on the crucifix. It’s not for this. This knowledge, it’s for the elite. It’s practically useless for 70 % of the humanity. It’s only for those several hundreds who are ready. And we will not find them without these aware Reflectors. It’s their job.

I watched my generation how many of them are killing themselves in different shamanic trips. I don’t know how I survived. When I was born, nobody came to my house and said “give me this one. It will not be like anyone else, he is going to have a different life, I will teach him.” They don’t do it anymore. But at that time I would receive that training. But instead I was watching how my friends were dying from drugs they shouldn’t have taken because they didn’t know how to take them. There was no one. In our so called civilized western world there are no shamans anymore. We have no one who could point a finger and say “that’s the one, he’s not like anyone else…” in order for his life not to become this pain that everybody else is going through...

It’s not my job to recognize those who are ready. Not mine. I am a messenger. I only have to deliver the message. I am not worried about who is there in order to hear me. But Reflectors, they will be naturally saying WHO can hear them. Probably, they are the best out of those who can recognize. Because over a period of time it will become harder and harder. Right now, this knowledge becomes very generalized… There are people who speak about Human Design but who didn’t live their Design, who is not living their Design and who will never do it. Just because someone’s friend told him something doesn’t mean this knowledge is for you.

The fact that something is interesting and attractive, doesn’t mean that you are going to live your Design. It is not connected with something that you want but what you CAN. There is no choice really. And the ability to find those who is ready, it’s there, it exists. And it’s not so that Reflectors would be in some esoterical circles. On the contrary, they are captured in conservative spaces, in mundane lives, in the so called normalcy. And that’s where you can find them. You will find them in the deepest holes of this Non-Self world. And they are not the missionaries, no, it’s not what Reflectors do. These are the people who can detect and highlight when they are on that spot.

I am living in this paradise where you are watching the sunrise when I wake up. I get up very early because I am an Aries. I always get up. And when the sun is penetrating and immerging behind the mountain, there is this expanding, widening light. But I also sat on the stone in the Mediterranean and watched the Moon rise. And then you see how right in front of me this spot is highlighted. Reflectors are those people who are highlighting that spot. They can highlight that one person, that only person in the homogenized world that no one else can see. This is a fantastic metaphor. It’s pretty much the moment which defined who will win the World War 2. Nobody was able to see who…where they are going to and from. And nobody could see it but the Reflectors. Reflector who can look at this homogenized field where cows and sheep graze and see the wolf…they can ignore everyone else. But that’s not what we receive from them now, no.

There are these powers which will even this knowledge out. It will be Reflectors. I love to keep my enemies close to me. These will be people who will put this knowledge against me. Because yes, I understand that’s their job to stop formalizing this whole homogenized world. It’s their job. They are truly serving this great power. They understand. But I want only a few of them. Only a few…so that someone will be on our side. So that we can compete with the dark side. The Dark side says “there they are, go and kill them.” And our side says “go and choose them, they are not normal.” And I am not joking here even for a second, no. That’s what the Reflectors are. And they have to be careful. I am aware of that.

The thing which is so great that I am a Manifestor, is that you can inform if you want to. I know so much about Types and different beings and about how they should function. And I am teaching this. I hope that during these years that I am telling about Reflectors and the fact that they are concentrated only on the Lunar cycle, I made at least some of them understand what it all means. And that’s what I am doing today. I realized that I did a very good job. It’s very difficult to get access to them. They belong to something which will take us beyond limitations allowing for the transcendence to happen. These are people of the program, they are program’s servants, and we are Solar people. They are watching us as if we are kids in the kindergarten. That’s what it is. Because of how they were brought up and conditioned…It’s so difficult to reach them.

And when I tell a Reflector, listen, you are my enemy, and I am trying to win you over, it doesn’t mean that they agree to this. I am trying to bring them to this so that they became the instruments of the abnormal. It’s some work, let me tell you this. Over many years when I was studying in Cologne, I lived with a couple who had a 6-year-old Reflector son. And he was studying in some special program. And she kept asking me how to raise such a child, about their process, about how they should make decisions, about the lunar cycle, etc. And I tried to help her to work through this cycle on the chart.

Then she told me this story when parents threw a party where children are playing between themselves, and parents are sitting and watching. So these kids were playing the musical chairs – it’s when children have to sit at the chair when the music stops. And the teacher was nervous because she wanted to demonstrate to the parents how they all play, and it’s some task. And she asked this Reflector boy which chair he would like to sit on. And he said – in the middle. So the kids played, the music played, and they were trying to sit on that empty chair, and that boy was sitting in the middle.

This is a classical image of a Reflector. That’s what they are. It’s not their personal space which matters. They are the most person-less beings. Of course, it becomes very difficult for them because in this life one has to be a lover, a parent, somebody, and it’s a very personal thing. And Reflectors are not about being personal, and so often they are misunderstood. We all are emotional, and they can be cold as ice. I know this, I am living through this.

And when you are telling the Reflector, that you are non-emotional, you are non-personal and the whole humanity is sort of your distant cousin…hm… and it’s so difficult to accept when you are a parent, and that you are bringing up such an impersonal child. The best thing with a child Reflector is to let him go, take him out of the house, let the kindergarten take care of them, the school, etc. Let him into the world, into the community and he will be absorbed by it completely. It’s the only opportunity for them to be recognized for what they are. And they can be comfortable with being what they are when their surroundings are stable. And everyone is playing by the rules, no matter what those rules are – good or not.

Reflectors deeply become sad when the rules are broken. And it’s nothing personal. They broke the rule, and you have to punish them. There is nothing personal there. And we don’t need people who know, who think that they have their Authority. Program is the Authority. All this Program.

They are keeping everyone else locked in this Non-Self. This is the ruling force, the life force. And never ever there were any attempts to wake Reflectors up. You can look into any book, literature which exists, the most ancient ones. You can find some understanding on Generators, you can smell it, feel it. Of course, they were not quite right. But you can never find anything on Reflectors, on this phenomenon. Only now. And that’s why we are living in these incredible times right now, because now Reflectors have this opportunity to get out of the program. When I broke my deal with the Program and said “no” to it, the program said “well, ok, we will stay anyway with the rest. Let him stand alone, he won’t be able to take anyone away from us. But when you are reflecting the Reflector this way, then it’s a problem. We don’t like it one bit. We don’t have many Reflectors; we can’t afford losing them. We need them.” Almost 7 billion people who has to be controlled by controlling the Reflectors. You’ve got to understand this. Reflectors are lucky that they have this opportunity to enter this process of deconditioning. It’s the most classical example of breaking the agreement.

I don’t care what this program in this incarnation did. I know that there is a level of consciousness, that bodies have opportunity to go through this journey. This is the means for this journey which is defined by our Type. This is what I understand. But look at the personality. It has a right to wake up, and it doesn’t matter who you are and what you want. The personality has this right. That’s why those few Reflectors who will awaken, - they have this right to do so. But in order to start this process, we have to admit the fact that it’s not going to be easy, that you have to accept everything that comes your way. For a Reflector it is not an easy task. It's not like a Projector who has this trajectory towards recognition. For a Reflector this knowledge is something that they have to understand through the cycle. To be able to understand our system, it means to understand the whole program, and it’s their thing. But the majority won’t be able to do it.

This is the beginning of approaching towards uniqueness. Their uniqueness is there, it exists. It doesn’t matter that your Chart is white, you can see that uniqueness in the Lines, Base, Color. You can see that their uniqueness is there. And it has to be revealed. Teaching that I gave Reflectors in the beginning had one basic truth. When the Reflector is making a decision, he has to do it only through the lunar cycle, that’s how they get an only opportunity to live through their unique Authority. And then they get their higher role which the program carries for them. And you will see how they break the contract with the program, it’s something special. Then the Moon starts shining on their fractal line saying “oh, you finally see us.” It’s as if you get a lawyer from the heavens on your side. It’s a miracle. It’s a miracle which says: we got another one, yes, and it doesn’t matter that it is a Reflector”.

Reflectors can be deeply punished for turning their back on the program. They have such an extraordinary role. It’s such a deep process to reach the place when you could live it out. And accomplish it really. You know, I’d be happy to tell them “you can do it this way. Do it.” But we all have to go through our own processes. It’s the only way. And you have to have this deep dedication to it. There is no other way. And it’s a lonely way. And it takes a long time. They have a totally different calendar. It’s their own calendar.

And when they truly become pure, it means that they are pure in the sense that they are in their geometry line, they are fulfilling their role. Then they will be serving here. They are here to serve, that’s their role. Service is their gift, the fact that they can recognize those who are ready to break the contract with the program. It’s the readiness for this surprise. To wake someone up who doesn’t even know that he is ready, and someone sees him. It opens opportunities for them in this world. And that’s Reflector’s gift.

All those who want to find out more about Reflectors, find it out from their mouths, that’s what I can recommend to you. Now when I spoke about it all, you will be looking at Reflectors with great suspicion because you know what it means. You will be telling this story of Reflectors, what it means, and how many Reflectors are there in your life, etc. We were standing there, speaking during the break. It doesn’t mean that we can change them over night. And you will be looking if there are those Reflectors in the room who will notice you. These are great CIA agents, cosmic agents.

All I did now was try to raise the image and level of Reflectors for you. And I’ve been doing this for many years. I hope nobody is mad at me. Well, what can I do… I changed the approach that I always had towards Reflectors, because I realized that we need to portray them differently. Before, my approach with Reflectors was not very successful. I didn’t tell them who they truly are. I thought that I would quietly bring them into work so that the program wouldn’t notice it too much. I think that this is very important to understand. Because maybe there are chances that you can turn Reflectors into themselves. Because that’s what’s happening right now, that’s what we are trying to do here. The Non-Self of the Reflector can’t understand what role they are playing in life. They can’t understand, and they have a very negative relationship towards it.

While Reflectors are present, you can’t speak with them about their non-Self in a way that we speak about the Reflectors’ conditioning. It’s not the same with the conditioning of others. It’s not a personal non-Self which the others have. It’s the Non-Self of the society that the Reflector has. They integrate, include all these aspects on the personless level into themselves. This Lunar Cycle is the only place where you can start. When I was given this knowledge, I explained, I thought that the only aspect would be the most difficult one. I could already see the Projector’s dilemma who doesn’t have this constant moment of refinement. But when I was looking at the Reflector, I didn’t know what it all means, and how to deal with it. And how to say to someone that Jesus will appear on the market now. Just sit and wait when he appears. It’s so powerful.

They are this programmed life. It’s not mom and dad, parents, friends. They have it all and more. They have the Program. What makes the Non-self of Reflectors so interesting is that they are the boosters of the main religions on the planet. Because they know within themselves that they are connected to something great. They are the purest servants of the program. In the culture of these civilizations, they belong to what we translate as relative spirituality… “I am the representative of the god’s justice on this planet. And I serve him.” They are one with the program. They are one with the field of consciousness. Nobody else is like that.

Yes, they can have these general deviations. But they are not tied to this at all. And the only way they can use this potential, to stand out from another Reflector is that with the help of their geometry and its circumstances. Just think about what it means for a Reflector. I tried to treat them in the most correct way in my life. And it’s something that I am interested in – my relationship with them. I would spot them and start waiting. I know that they have to go through this process. But you see this moment – me and Reflector together – in the moment in time and space. It’s movement. That’s all. And then Reflector has to through its journey. I think about the time as of the movement. It constantly moves.

For me, a Reflector and the way it goes through its cycle is the same as for the emotional person who is waiting for its clarity. There is all this information which is added, imbedded in order to give him some clarity. And it’s important to understand about Reflectors this: only when their geometry is in that moment, only then they can determine their potential. Otherwise, it doesn’t exist. When the Reflector is in the vacuum, it is dead. There is no life. They are not born for caves. They are here to interact with the society. And you see when someone is introduced to a Reflector, a unique place is created. We say that two things can’t take the same spot at the same time. And this is the beginning of that process which is miraculous for Reflectors. It’s the only thing that makes them different, nothing else.

Making right decisions for all of us is our Holy Grail. We all want to learn to make correct decisions so that we can shine in our unique Authority being our True Selves. And this unique Authority for Reflectors can reveal itself only in those moments of initiation which are established by this unique movement in space. And from that moment of meeting, you are waiting for this cycle. Not from any other moment. That’s what makes them different.

When I began my work trying to educate different Types and their nature, I gave Reflectors an introduction, and then I gave them time. And the only thing that I could tell them was the understanding of this cycle. It’s all for them. You see, it’s the only way when they can begin to differentiate themselves from the program. It is that beginning when they can interrupt the interaction with the program, and they can make decisions. It’s more important for them than for us. The only thing that I am always warning them about is that the other person is very important for them in life. Because that other person determines everything in this life for them. If a Reflector is surrounded by wrong people, then there will be difference in the process. They shouldn’t worry about this other person. They have to go through their cycle. Remember, it’s Teflon.

But only when they are trying to make their unique decisions, they can try to find their own direction. And since for them it is this unique and open G center, - direction is everything in their life. Everything. Program is created for Reflectors so that they can be able to recognize a lot of things which are born, reveal themselves in the society. And they exist here for this purpose. Because everyone is trying to be abnormal. Here we have a different game. It’s a good place for them if they can say “is there anyone normal here? I see that all people in Human Design are abnormal, let’s get rid of them.” That’s what they belong to. They belong to the world of the dense non-Self. As soon as Reflectors surround themselves by abnormal people, they lose their value. Yes.

The world is filled with all kinds of people who never stood a chance. And the world says, let me see what this one can do. That’s what we need. Because they have it all. We all are the life force except Reflectors. And they can’t reach that place until they are absolutely correct in the way they move. And you can say that this is the deepest non-energy Type because they need a whole month to start moving. It’s a slow, slow movement which builds in gradually. It shouldn’t be fast. But this all is so that their movement in space would be ideally aligned. That’s what the correct place means.

When you value your strategy, your authority, then whatever you receive, your body uses its internal consciousness. And it simply acts in a correct way. Your personality might not see it. But you are in the right place. You are in the correct movement. And only in this movement, in this correctness you can find the place you belong to. And since Reflectors are this small portion of the society, they should be spread out all over the planet. They are everywhere. For every 200 people there is 1 Reflector.

And for a Reflector to be in the right place is so important, for them it is everything. And they can get there only thanks to this process of making decisions. And then they won’t have this social dilemma which Projector faces. When I say, for example, about an emotional Projector, I talk with them about the process of waiting, over and over meeting with people, how difficult it is for them to understand when they should reject someone, who approaches them, who is not correct for them, to make them wait. Just think about that pressure which Reflectors face. When someone calls you and says “I would really like to do this and that, what do you think?” And Reflector says “call me next month.” “It is next week…” “Yes, next week. But I won’t miss out on anything.”

It is not very comfortable when you function like that. “I love you, I want to be with you.” “Yes, but call me next month. Let me check. I will put this on the screen of my radar.” We don’t understand this. Hindu brahmins would be able to understand this. If Babylonians were freaks, then brahmins were freaks of the moon. Moon was everything for them, the movements of planets and so on. They were so wise about the stars and the planet movement around the moon. Moreover, they understood something specific. For me, one of the deepest things I’ve learned over these years is the importance of the Nodes. Because these Nodes are the person’s trajectory in life. You can’t separate the moon from these Nodes. And as we know, the Nodes are connected with what we see on our fractal line, in our geometry.

Reflectors are those who can see. They see very well when something is not right in those forces. When you look with this exalted perspective, it’s very strange. But since the dilemma is so difficult, this parent will tell its child-Reflector: let’s re-decorate your room. The child says: “ask me in a month.” And he will be beaten by a stick, this poor Reflector. “What do you mean, wait for a month?”… “I don’t know whether I want to do it.” But the Reflector says “but if you wait till next month, you will be confused about what you are doing now.” It doesn’t work like that. It’s terrible. Then the family makes a decision to send you to some boarding school.

If you are a Generator, it’s great. If you are a Projector, then you have a chance that maybe you will receive a different experience, but you will also be alright because there are ties there too. But for a Reflector child when they are taken away without being asked, without giving him an opportunity to work through it… If you have a Reflector child, you won’t simply take him/her to school. You will take him there for couple days first. Only for couple days. You’ll give him a chance to try it. Then you will take him back and wait for a month. And then you will ask him, do you want to go to this school? Which parent is ready to do this? We don’t know anything better, that’s why we are doing the same thing over and over again. Just think about what it is like to raise a Reflector child and wait when needed. When parents receive this knowledge and can from the beginning respect it and how they should treat them, then they can understand what they are born for, and that’s when they can understand how beautiful it is when someone is raised correctly. And for the other it is very difficult to accept. They don’t understand this.

They don’t know how to work on this level. They don’t even know what it means. They can’t reach that child. I thought that for my mom it was difficult to raise a Manifestor because it was such a difficult aura. But to have a Reflector child which constantly is slipping away through you, and you want to hold on to it, and it’s impossible. Psychologically the relationship between a mother and a child reflector are full of dilemmas because you can’t begin this correctly, you can’t understand them.

But I begin to understand that our education system constantly is getting destroyed. And I constantly remind people about this, that the new times are coming, and if people don’t know their Design, if they can’t make their decisions correctly and stand alone, we won’t be ready for the times when incredible changes happen which are bound to happen. Our time is coming to an end. And it is connected with this, so that parents could understand how to raise their children, so that there would be people who can explain these parents, help them, guide them in this process of upbringing, educating the Reflector. It is something extraordinary, something completely different.

Reflectors have to understand one thing at a time. Just think about this. It’s practically a 30-day process. One thing at a time. That’s how they become masters, how they learn. And that’s the beauty of making decisions according to your Type – one thing at a time. And they are able to work through one thing this way, and no one else can. They work through it in this incredible movement in space. We move with a speed of 425 km per hour. Just think about it. It is approximate speed. And for them it takes 30 days with this speed, imagine, how far we go ahead throughout that time. Millions and millions of kilometers in space. And while this movement in space happens, constantly new information comes. And the fact that they are moving in this process…they are ruled by the moon. They are being aligned by it. And Reflector who wants to understand this, can look at the ancient writings of the moon. It is so deep. It’s something to understand. Every movement of the moon is unique, special. That’s why it is also moving in space in a different time.

And for a Reflector, Moon and the way it filters the neutrino flow – it’s something that defines it. Each phase brings in its own formula of understanding. There is nothing more deep. Nobody gets the knowledge about their environment in a deeper way. Nobody can make decisions with bigger effort than Reflectors. Time…you have to give yourself time when making decisions...In this process the Generators have the slowest life, and Reflectors -–the fastest, because Reflectors make decisions every Lunar cycle. It doesn’t matter if they notice it or not. But they are constantly going through endless cycles. And they are contracting their life. I need a split of the second to make a decision, and they need almost 30 days.

We live in different worlds. I always recognized the fact that I am very fast. I am an ego Manifestor with a Spleen, my ego is on the surface. Everything what I have in my life is on the surface. And if you think that I have depth, it’s what’s coming out of my mouth. But in reality, I don’t have any reach towards that depth. I can’t sit alone and think. I don’t even think. I am not a thinker. I don’t ponder. It’s a simple purity, a moment, in the moment. It’s so fast, it’s on the surface. I don’t have anything against just sitting next to a Reflector and be on his side, to be this stone which glides on the surface of a Reflector. When we take in someone’s emotions, for example, we say “they have to go through this.” It’s pretty much the same, the same definition, the same person. And they always have the same definition, always the same activations. Not a big difference. It’s the moon for Reflectors. To watch the moon, the way it moves through its phases.

After my deepest experience with the Voice, I didn’t know what to do with it. And I needed to see for myself, whether I am crazy or not. And then I started watching the moon, and its phases. I am emotionally open. It was in January. In January and in February the planets are located so ideally. Sun and Mercury, they are going through those gates which activate my Solar plexus. And the first thing that I was watching was the moon. I have 49th Gate. And it’s the only gate which I have with the solar plexus, and they are unconscious. And the moon entered the 19th Gate. It was one of the deepest experiences I’ve ever had. I couldn’t believe how I felt it. I felt it. I could feel my emotions. I felt them in my whole system. I didn’t think about the moon throughout ages, and all of a sudden, I could feel it in my body, my mother I haven’t remembered in a while, and who has this Channel 19-49...

I’ve always been an atheist, I’ve never been an esoterical person. I couldn’t believe in all this. And here is this object, cold, dead object in the sky that made me feel something extraordinary. It was truly extraordinary. It was the beginning of my trip towards understanding how the bodygraph is reflected on us. It’s a portal to the gods. I started meeting with different forces. I had true relationship with planets, real ones. They programmed me. We are programming them, we have a relationship with them. They became a part of my body. Reflectors, they are constantly connected with Gods, yes. And for them Moon is something they are worshiping, bowing down to. It’s everything to them. And it’s something worth thinking about.

The sacred task of a Reflector is to wake up to their service. To this unique service. It’s the service to the whole.

And remember something about the nature of the continuity: homogenization will never be destroyed. It will never go away. But inside of all this there is a place for those who is ready. Always. And without Reflectors it will be difficult to find them. That’s why every time when you have an opportunity, do a reading for someone who is a Reflector, or know parents who have Reflector child. Do whatever you can so that they understand that this child has a chance to serve those who is ready. It’s something very-very important. Also it’s important to recognize Reflectors around you. It’s time to tell them the truth. I know this now. It's time to tell them that their role of the non-Self is not why they are coming here. They are here not in order to better the humanity, no. I don’t think that it will make their life easier. I would like to see more Reflectors in our program. That’s it for today.

A Deeper Look
(from Ra Uru Hu)
When I need to deal with a concept of a Generator, I always go back to the beginning of my process. Again and again I used to repeat to my clients – when I was given this knowledge, I thought that it would be very easy to find a few Generators which would experiment with their response, and the world would change. As simple as that. I really thought it would be as simple as that. Because there isn’t anything simpler than this concept: if you need to make a decision, do it through responding to life. It seems easy, right?

Our world is all mixed up, confused because the Generators are not OK. They are trying to be Manifestors, they are all frustrated. In a way I was paying little attention to Manifestors, Projectors, Reflectors. I thought that if there is something new in this knowledge in order to change the world, then those Generators will see how it works in reality, they will see that what I am saying is the truth. Because Generators are an ideal instrument. I think of Generators and their gift which was given to them since birth…

That’s because Generator is a perfect instrument. You can spend all your life fighting with this. There is no time for anything else. They don’t have time to love themselves, to see what this life is all about. Because up here, in the head, there is this little box. And if they let their mind make decisions about what their life should be…. When Generators are sleeping and dreaming, they are having the Manifestors’ dreams – I know what it’s like. You can dream your own dreams. But the poor Generator will be suffering from the consequences of those dreams because you will see that Gods signed the best contract with you, and they will be hitting you much harder than anybody else. Because they’ve created a perfect life for you, simple perfection.
I can’t take people’s vanity when they look at their Charts and think that this little mind can rule their life. Those Minds are nothing but a place filled with all sorts of clichés which were gathered by generations. It has nothing to do with what it is like to be in this world. Your mind doesn’t know that you are a Generator and what is right for you. This is Generator’s Signature. It’s called satisfaction.

Each Generator when they are born, the only thing they need, and the only thing they want is to be a Manifestor, this is the dream. Oh yeah, it will be satisfying. I will be satisfied only if I will have this. I am frustrated only because of this, because I don’t have this and that. And that’s why I am constantly paying attention to it. I will try to get it. And the Gods enter and hit you in the face. Sacred people who act like fools because they are in this whole concept. Only Generators are really Sacred. All the other Types, we just came into this world riding on the Generator’s backs. And I don’t like to ride on this frustrated back. But that’s all you get.

And you see the mind – it’s so perfect, it’s so ideal. Generator is everything you’ve ever read in a mystical book, anywhere. Just give in to the beauty of life, the beauty of the vitality. The Generators’ magic is that they don’t know beforehand what they will say “yes” to, and what they will say “no” to, they have no idea if it should be this way or that way.

I remember these amazing questions from Generators which said: what if someone asks me to jump into some cave, and I will say “yeah,” what then? I am saying – go for it. Maybe your life will be over with this, maybe that’s the whole story. You don’t know. Manifestors are not interested in themselves, they are not taking care of themselves. Projectors are interested only in those who is close to them, and who will bring them success. Reflectors would like to be in aloneness, then they would get their peace. And Generators… The sign on the oracle’s door says: “Only for Generators.” If Manifestors will see this sign, they will get angry and leave. Only for Generators. You will enter this door and see the oracle there, he is looking at you and seeing that you are a Projector. No, you are not in the right place, this is only for Generators. Only Generators are here to know themselves. And it means that if they don’t, then they have problems.

They don’t know what they are, they don’t know that they are Non-Self, they know everything which they are NOT. That’s their thing. They think they know themselves. They don’t. Their lives are ruled by the Mind. Their Mind is ruled by the Non-Self. Generator with and open Heart center will not know themselves. They already made a decision that they are not worth anything, and all their life they are trying to prove to others that they are nice people, decent persons, good human beings. They become sort of slaves. It’s very easy to make a Generator a slave. All you need to do is say: be like a Manifestor. And then they will start drinking from their Non-Self.

I am scared when people think that they know their purpose. Because their purpose is lying at their Non-Self. You are born with this Open Heart center, and all you want to do as a purpose – to prove that you are worth something. And you don’t need to prove anything to anyone. If mind will be making the decisions relying on this, it will be lying to you, and lying to others. And what’s worse – it will become envious. I tried to compare Generators with wolves, with the greatest sheep of this world. Blind sheep in frustration are ready to try to do anything. And that’s never about that. It took me 10 years to start curing people from the Non-Self. Because I already saw that Non-Self keeps holding Generators away from their magic. Their mind also is guiding them away from their beauty and magic. Think about this theme of satisfaction. What does it mean?

I have no activation in the Sacral center, and I feel the Generators’ power. For me, Generator is a very powerful beast. They have this incredible depth, fertility, it’s impossible to imagine what they can do. And when I am increasing the Generators’ power as every open and undefined center does, I feel how powerful they are. I have three Generator kids. I inhale their deep purity, their power.

Only when this energy is used by Generators directly and specifically, they can know what it means. If Generators don’t use this mechanism of listening to their gut, they don’t’ know what this power means. This is a Sacral motor which doesn’t respond on its own, it’s a motor. And what does this motor say? What can it say? It says: I can do it. Remember this little train in the cartoon which said: I know I can, I think I can. When the Sacral center is responding, it means that there is power, there is energy for anything. It might be for a split moment or for the whole life. It may be a commitment for one second, or it will be a commitment for life, and it doesn’t matter what the Sacral says “yes” to. It means that this motor says “I can do it.” And more: it says that it will be using the Generator’s energy correctly.

One of the moments which I taught to Generators, it is so important for them to go to sleep when they are exhausted. When Generators go to sleep and say from their Non-self that they need to wake up early and that’s why they need to go to sleep ASAP, it’s not the sacral logic. Here it is important to exhaust this energy which is connected with the motor. For Generators each usage of their energy is like traveling towards an orgasm. Only when you truly grasp this, you will understand what true satisfaction means. When somebody asks a Generator – “can you do this?”, and they say “aha,” in that moment they are giving up their energy not only to the cause but they are also giving in to the fact that they are going to use it until it’s exhausted. That’s why they are not simply Generators, they are reGenerators.

My son Generator taught me this – he is always holding the phone on the charger, all night. And he tells me: “first you need to discharge it completely, and only then you can charge it properly.” That’s what it means to be a Generator. You need to use this energy first, completely, totally, and it doesn’t matter that each action means an action of exhaustion. You should understand, it means that if you give all the energy which Sacral gives for this action, to which you say “yes,” then you will feel satisfied.
And this is a deep satisfaction. Generators need to be really used up in this sense – these resources, this source of energy. You have this incredible power inside of you, and what you need is commitment to use this energy to what is correct. That’s why I am going right to the beginning. I am telling Generators: enough.

I’ve traveled all over the world. I’ve done whatever I can to seduce Generators – try this, try that. But as soon as your mind gets a hold of you, you are already lost. You will never use this energy in the correct way. No. That’s why you won’t have satisfaction. You will have this painful taint of frustration which will cover everything. And I understand people in a way. In a way for all of us understanding others means understanding the aura of the other, of any Type. As soon as you understand how their aura works, you have this deep understanding about what this person is and how it rolls in general.

Generators have this embracing aura. Not like I do. Mine is all closed, abrupt. Generators have this huge aura which embraces and intakes everything. That’s how life on this planet is possible and sustained. And that’s the power. When you meet a Generator, it spreads around you its aura and since it has this embracing aura, it is very vulnerable. Because it opens up really widely and takes in everything around. When you are born as a Generator, your parents start teaching you, training you to be a Manifestor. And that’s the beginning of the end of your journey. Nobody respects Generators. You are told what you should do, and your mind has to decide what you should do, and what you shouldn’t. You have to decide totally what kind of world you will be living in, where you will go, and how you are going to do this. And it is very painful for a Generator.

I am trying to make them understand that their Sacral center makes sounds and noise in order for them to know for sure. I am sitting next to them, doing a Reading, and I am listening to how he goes “aha, aha”, and I am asking him:
“Are you hearing this?”
He looks at me as a sheep in the field, and says:
“Hearing what?”
And I am saying:
“This sound.”
He goes:

“No, I haven’t heard anything, I didn’t do anything.”
So I keep going and he is again sitting and humming “mmm,” and again I am asking him:
“Did you hear this?”
And he goes:
“Hear what?”
Finally I stop and say: «when you will be listening to this reading again, and you will hear that somebody is sitting there and saying mmmmm, this is you, and this is the “you” what I am going to trust, this is the “you” I am going to believe».

What is nice about Generators is that these are the most honest people which you can meet on your path. This is a Sacral person in its purity. If you want to see ideal relationship, these are Generator lovers. One says to the other: “do you love me?” “uhu,” says the other. “do you love me?” “uhu.”That’s real love. At the same time it doesn’t mean that this relationship is going to work. The thing which we have is this genetic problem. Our genes say – I want this and that, and we attract everything that we are NOT. That’s why ultimately you meet a Generator which lives with a Projector, and I don’t know which one is crazier in this relationship. We are here in order to be with someone just like us. And our mind is not interested in that, it’s not sexy enough for the mind. Do you know what you mind wants? It wants to kill Generators. Isn’t that a discovery?

Because you see that’s the blessing for Generators. Life really gives you your purpose, and you don’t need to go and look for it, you don’t need to do anything for it. You don’t need to think about where it is, where to go, what to do. You can’t know this. There is nothing more boring that this homogenized world when everyone knows everything, and everyone tries to do something, when it seems that everyone has the same dreams. How sad it is. Because nobody really knows what is possible. They just don’t know. They are looking at this world of the norms which they have to fit in, and in order to do so, they won’t be fitting in as themselves. That’s why they will always be frustrated.

This is knowledge which is about freeing your uniqueness. We are all here for this purpose. And for Generators it is this simple. It’s just movement. We are all moving in maya, and maya is about duality. And you are either looking here or looking there. Mind will always spoil your life. You can’t trust it, and you know it. And it doesn’t care. It doesn’t care how hurt you are, it doesn’t care how much you are suffering. And it is happening every day. And you already know this.

Fortunately, this all is happening very fast, you don’t even have time to become aware of how painful it is. And that’s all because of the mind. But because Generators are born saints, they have to accept it, they have to admit it. They can recognize it only if they give back all these moral values.

There are different variations, and I will be saying separately about emotional people, because emotional people are something completely different. Generators are here to deeply trust the nature of existence. It will give you everything. This is something really difficult for such clever and complicated people – to understand that they don’t trust it. These are female Generators, I’ve met thousands of them. I am telling her “do you want love?” Of course, they do. I am telling them: “”then you should wait till it comes to you” and they are looking at me as if I am crazy. “what do you mean?”

It’s even worse when these are emotional Generators. I am saying “when love comes to you, send it far away. Here comes a knight in shining armor, and you are telling him – ‘not today’.” And they say: “Of course, if he comes, I’m gonna drag him to my room.” They don’t trust. They are not thinking about themselves, that they are worth something. Who is going to love you if you don’t love yourself? Who will you love if you can’t love yourself? What is love? Think about normal lovers when they ask each other – «why do you love me?» Why are you asking this stupid question? What a silly thing. «What is there in me that you love and I don’t know about it? I am really surprised that you love me. What do you love in me?» And the other person naturally is being his non-self as well, and the joke is that he doesn’t know what’s going on either. It’s just a game of dimensions, comparisons.

This is so terrible when they say “I love you so much, and why you don’t love me this much?” If you are planning to live your life and be frustrated, and you are hoping to get rid of the frustration, then your frustration doesn’t go, there appears many things which you can blame on the other – Generators are masters of the blaming game. They like to drop everything. They are dropping everything. And this brings us to this: you are the source of energy, that’s who you are.

You are a pure power of life force. You have to trust it. Otherwise you won’t be able to understand what you are doing. You are the power. Manifestors, Projectors, Reflectors – we are parasites. And I don’t mean this in any bad way. I am surrounding myself with Generators, they are keeping me alive, this life force, and it’s impossible to avoid it. But think what this life force is in reality, here and now. And this embracing aura. There 4.5 billion Generators on this planet, and it is half of this planet, which is in deep depression. That’s the world of Generators. They don’t have anything. This is the world we live in. Oceans of conditioned Generators. And all these Generators which are running around, doing something, trying to solve something with their mind, trying to create their life, do something in it, and bringing out nothing but waves of frustration, one after the other. You can feel its smell.

When I am taking in the Generators into my body – aura to aura -, I feel how it is sometimes uncomfortable, and I can’t take it. It is a rather disturbing frequency – this incredible motor which never works properly. Instead of driving a Ferrari, it sounds like a tractor in Ibiza on a bad day. For me, Generator’s world is what is visible, what you can feel. I feel it. It’s like a curtain around me. In my house I have a Generator free zone. This is a place where I can go and save my Sacral center. And it doesn’t matter, whether this is a nice Generator, or my children, it doesn’t matter. This is a frequency, and it’s so powerful that you start thinking what will happen if this frequency is disturbed.

I think the most difficult thing for a Generator in terms of their embracing aura is that they are taking everything personally. And this knowledge works on un-personal level. This is my journey. I am walking on my road, carrying my message, and I keep on walking because I can’t do anything. This is not the place where you take someone’s hand and take them across the road. That era is already finished. I am not in the sheep’s business anymore, no. I am teaching people to be abnormal, to be wolves, this is my work, and not to be the sheep, not to function this way as it was the whole life, because it didn’t bring anything good but suffering and unhappiness to this planet.

I get annoyed when a Generator says “yes, this is all so simple,” and then ends up in confusion because in reality they don’t understand how simple it is, because they have so much information, they think they don’t understand something. And this only is connected with making decisions. That’s what this whole knowledge is about, nothing else. It’s only about knowing how to make decision as a True Self. You mind makes decisions from the Non-Self. It is not your Inner Authority. Mind is good only for what I am doing right now – teaching people.

To be a source of Inner Authority – that’s our potential. The first thing you see when you look at the Human Design chart – you see two calculations. And you need to understand that these two calculations are two different cognitive potentials. Cognitive potential of the personality which is revealed through Mind, and cognitive potential of the vehicle, of the body, which rules these things.

I am worshiping this temple. This is an incredible thing, these vehicles. And very few people have any idea about how these vehicles function. Billions of things are happening in these bodies at every moment. And there is an illusion that human mind rules everything. At the same time the Mind completely depends on the brain. What are you going to do with a person if you hit him in the head with a hammer? What will happen to him? Will he be philosophizing about it? What if we stick couple of needles into his brain, do lobotomy, do you think he can have any interesting conversations with it? Mind is a side product of the brain. It’s like gas. And you see how the brain functions, how the neurons pass on the information, how your lymph system is working, how your nose, eyes are working, life, and everything is the body.

I’ve met quite a few people in the new age circles, and they are nice people, I don’t have anything against them. But generation after generation they were trying to be esoterical. I am trying to explain to them that personality simply comes into this body for one ride, and they are looking at me, agreeing with me, and then continue to build their life from the mind. This passenger tries to build its life but it doesn’t know anything in terms of the body. Imagine what would it be if you were like dolphins, and you had to remember that you are supposed to breathe? Because dolphins need to remember about this. Imagine if you need to remember that you have to breathe, walk, talk? You would spend all your life thinking how to make this all work.

Body, this material form is here in order for us to live here. Mind is a secondary thing. It is satisfaction from watching a movie. My mind loves to watch this movie. I remember when I started writing a screenplay, it was such a bad horror movie. Mind robs us, takes away the only chance because of which we come into this life. We have mechanics, we understand how it all works, mechanical strategy works. But what does it mean? On this plane of form we are constantly moving. It doesn’t matter whether our mind understands this or not. We keep on moving in space, and it is connected with direction. Human Design is full of this language. It’s geometry, trajectory, fractal line. We are moving on this geometry line, and in this movement our body knows where to go. Our body intelligence knows where we should go, and where we should be lead. We have a GPS on board. And what do we do? We interfere with this direction, we stand across the road because we think that this mind of ours really can control this life. But it’s not so!

And you’ll never see the miracle because when we come into this life, we have a whole collection of expectations that we will be guaranteed these things. And here goes the Generator towards its goal, dreams ahead of him, and the frustration only starts developing. And he takes on all his conditionings, starts living its life which is not his, where frustration deems to be normal. Whatever you feel as a Non Self, non correct Generator is considered normal. It is our horror. Nothing will change on this planet until Generators change. I can say over and over again till the end of my days that this world will be changed by Generators but it won’t help. Only one by one, not all together. The magic of this embracing aura is that when a Generator is correct, it influences others a lot. On the other hand, this influence also has to be perceived in the right way.

You should understand that Generators must have a certain sense of courage, much more than others. If you will not give in to it, you won’t be able to be a Generator. Every messenger, every guru, teacher tries to bring humanity to accept what it means to surrender. And it is naturally very difficult because they don’t know the mechanics, they don’t know, how to explain how it works for them, they always had only flashes of insights. Generators are made to be surrendered beings, in the deepest sense. Nobody is made to surrender, only Generators. You are here for that. You are the only ones who have to teach others through your example. The way you live your life, what you create in the world around you, you can show this to others.

If you enter a supermarket as a correct Generator, your aura is capable to do something with others, and it doesn’t matter that it takes only a second. Your life force is perfect. And that’s the magic in being a Generator. They are like insects – there is no tomorrow – that’s your mantra. Let’s look at what comes. Nothing else. That’s it. Then you start seeing the beauty, it is truly like that. There are people who’ve experienced this.

This is a difficult job for me to teach grown-ups. They are deeply conditioned, broken, and it’s so amazing what can happen to them through this knowledge. It’s really makes an impression. But this is for children, children that shouldn’t be broken from the beginning, who shouldn’t wait till they are 40 to find out – “oh, I think something is wrong here, maybe I need to do something with this, or what should I do to change my life, how difficult this all is”. It’s very difficult to get rid of the habits, I know this. And as an adult Generator you need to be deeply dedicated to do this jump. If you think it’s easy… I know it’s not.

In order to be a Manifestor, to be alone is the easiest thing for me. I am always alone. You can’t enter my aura. I have no problem with aloneness. To be alone doesn’t mean to be lonely. Generators, on the other hand are born NOT for aloneness. They can take in anything, anyone, everything, whatever that is. They do it without any choice. They do it without thinking, naturally, that’s their aura. In this knowledge if you can’t stand alone, it means you are lost. It’s only for you, not for anyone else. There is no one else who can open what you are. Nobody. And there is nobody who can understand where you are going because you don’t understand this.

What a beauty it is to be a Generator when you have this internal cosmic innocence. You are the only people who has this. You are here to be this perfect example in life. It’s not that we should be parasites who are sitting on you and holding on to you – all the non-sacral people, but ultimately we depend on this world which is made not for us, which you are making for us, and we don’t like it. Dilemma is that Human Design is not a knowledge for the mass. There are around 30 million people on this planet which can understand the opportunities of this knowledge. This percent will never change. It’s always the same fractal line, the same geometry, the same old karma. These are people which from time to time come and say – “you know, I’ve been waiting for this all my life.” It’s very sweet really, some have really waited for this. But you can’t expect somebody else to do this for you. You can’t. It either penetrates you, and you start experimenting with this and you go through this process, or not.

I used to have introductory public lectures, but then I stopped doing it. Several years ago in Vienna I decided that it would be great to cut off the head from people sitting on those lectures. All of a sudden I realized this, and I started liking this idea so much, and I think that maybe I should stop doing these lectures and do that instead? This is what I feel for Generators after 20 years with this knowledge. Because if you are not ready to become yourself, who else? Then you are becoming a part of the rest of the zoo. And there is nothing personal here. It’s all about being correct. We are living in such a world in which this knowledge was given to us at the end of our time. It is not the place where something is beginning, it is the time when it’s all ending. That’s why we have such knowledge. That’s why we can understand that this homogenized world will finish with us, and that the majority of people will never get an opportunity to understand what it is like to be here, and how beautiful it is. It is not a planet of suffering, I know this for sure. This is a moment for us people to see the glory and beauty of what it is like to be simply alive and with your own Authority.

Generators have a deep habit to give away their Authority to others, in anything. What to do? They are giving away their life, giving away to other people the power of and around their life. We are here not in order to live by anyone else’s Authority. If you are a normal human being, then our life if filled with many other powers. You are constantly bowing your head in front of other authorities, and never live your life. When you find your Inner Authority, as a Generator, you are trying to respond, to understand what it brings to you in this life, fills your life in, takes all the power which was destroying and distorting your life, that nobody has a right to judge you, nobody has a power over you… You will get everything then on your own terms in its own time. Don’t bow to anything or anyone.

I don’t bow to anything. It’s been a long time since I could think about god or anything else. Now I am having my own show. When I say – my authority, I don’t say about what I think, how I think. I am saying about this thing in my spleen which rules my business. It’s been a long time since I refused to think, be worried about how my life works. I get up in the morning, and it looks like I am alive. The rest is just witnessing. And there is no need to do anything.

I am waiting for this, this magic of awakening of Generators power, the true power, the power which comes from using their energy correctly. The energy is becoming more and more, it becomes more and more powerful. It’s an incredible resource of energy. Generators in reality don’t need any sleep! Sleeping is a luxury to us, non sacral beings. What a pleasure it is to go to bed. Generators are the only ones who has this power to go away from the program – the true Generators. It is a true usage of energy – that’s why you are here - energy.

You are that energy. You are an energetic being. It means when someone comes to you and says: “I really like you, I’d like you to do this test, do it. Do you want?” – what you hear from your body will be, one way or the other, whether you have energy for this or not. That’s it. Because everything is connected with your energy. Maybe there is someone in your life who says – you are this and that, it would be great to do this and that – and your sacral says “neh, we can’t deal with this, it’s not correct for us. We are not going to use our energy on this because we won’t get any satisfaction.”
Mick Jagger sings: «I can’t get no satisfaction». Probably he was brought up by Generators. There is no satisfaction if you are not using your energy in the right way. That’s what Generators are, that’s what they are made for. The perfect usage of energy. And the most important thing for Generators and their life is a big NO. This will give your mind a good lesson. Because the mind doesn’t really care. It thinks “this is truly a good idea.” This is mind. It always tries to find this or that. “Ok, this didn’t work, let me try this thing,” etc. Instead of saying “neh, no.”

You have to understand, if you are a Generator, 30 % of the world’s population is constantly trying to take away your energy. All these non-sacral beings. If you don’t know how to use your energy, you will be useless because they will always take your energy. And you will have your frustration. And how do you let people take advantage of your energy? They are dealing with the mind of your Non Self, this is all from the mind. It has nothing to do with being outside the mind.

It’s very important to understand that mind is a beautiful joke when it is your Outer Authority. If you had something interesting to say to me, I would be interested to hear this. But I don’t expect anything special. I don’t expect, because people really don’t demonstrate any unique cognitive expression. They are speaking with all these homogenized cliches. They truly don’t express their true Authority, their inner beauty, and that’s the potential of the mind. Mind, when it is doing its thing, it thinks about what has nothing to do with him: what will I tell today, what will I say to this person, what will I do tomorrow. There is no beauty in such mind. This is a passenger, which is confused and doesn't know what to do. That’s why it is trying to find the same confused mind. The blind is leading the blind. Maybe I should just start beating you. Maybe it will work, who knows. At least, in order to know if it works, I’ve got to try it. Maybe some things will start working.

There are different types of Generators. There are pure Generators and Manifesting Generators. Manifesting Generators are approximately half of all Generators. In my opinion, during these years of working with all kinds of Generators, the most difficult is to realize for Manifesting Generators, how easily they get caught up in this Manifestor’s game, and it is so clear, so obvious. Manifesting Generators are so quick, and they are influencing me negatively. What, you don’t like this? It’s brutal, what to do.

Manifesting Generator has a really hard time because they truly can act as Manifestors, they can. And what amazes me in terms of Manifesting Generators, I thought I am fast. I thought it’s me who has this incredible speed. Manifesting Generator is the most amazing slave. It will keep on going when everybody is dead. They keep on worshiping the dead master, be with him. I don’t want to be cruel with them because my best friends are Manifesting Generators. But what to do. In order for the Generator to have the response dilemma, they have to make a big step. For a Manifesting Generator to think that they are a Generator is a big step. Because Manifesting Generator doesn’t think they are Generators. They don’t like Generators.
Manifesting Generator doesn’t understand a simple thing. If you are hiring a pure Generator and a Manifesting Generator, Manifesting Generator thinks they will be very quick to acquire this. He is in a rush. And when the boss is firing the Generator, he realizes in some time that Manifesting Generator was so quick because it was missing certain things, a lot of things, in between. They just look very fast, they seem fast but if you look what is truly happening, you’ll see, they are missing the steps.

If you want Manifesting Generator to go crazy, all you need to tell them is “sorry, you missed the step here, you need to go back there and do this.” Boy they are going to be mad. “No, I will not go back, I will not do this. I didn’t miss anything. I don’t want to do it, I didn’t know how to do it.” Manifesting Generator doesn’t want to be a Generator. You tell them: Manifesting Generator, you have to wait! And he goes: why do I have to wait? I can do it all by myself. Yes, we know that you can. For them it is very difficult to do all this because the whole world is brought up on Manifestor’s propaganda. Manifesting Generators are full of this. And of course, as soon as you are Non-Self, and your mind answers for everything, it makes you do these things.

There are many different types of Manifesting Generators. In order to understand them, you’ve got to understand this archetype. There is only one true Manifesting Generator, and it is the Manifesting Generator with the Channel of Charisma/Being Busy 20-34. This is a true Manifesting Generator. It is the only direct connection between the Sacral and Throat. The rest of Manifesting Generators are Generators with Manifesting potential. But the only honest Manifesting Generator is the Charisma. And it is easy to understand from this point of view. The only thing which is important for them is to be constantly busy, then they can survive in this lifetime. That’s what they are worried about. And they are really impressive from the outside. It always seems that they are doing something – no matter what they do – maybe it’s nothing good for them, or nothing good for others, or maybe it’s not needed in general – it doesn’t matter. The most important things is – they look good.

If you see 20-34, you will truly understand how integration (circuitry) works. Without Gate 57 and Gate 10 they don’t have Intuition in order to know themselves, that’s why they are busy with whatever that is, for everyone, with everything. They have nothing to do really. I mean, if there is nothing to do, they will come up with something, whatever that is. If in the middle of the day they realized they have nothing to do, their mind will start immediately “oh, god, I will do whatever it takes, whatever you tell me.” Busy, busy, busy. And of course, we like busy people. They are doing all sort of work which we would never do ourselves. They are running around, and feel productive. And this is abusing the energy. All you need to do to understand the Sacral center is that you are not running around it doing whatever.

The funniest thing for a Generator is relationships because, in the long run, you are giving your energy to people with this embracing aura but maybe you didn’t enter this relationship in the right way because your Sacral didn’t respond to this and didn’t give you its permission. You are a Manifesting Generator, and you say “this is what I like, I want this.” And you are doing everything to get this, you are always busy. And this is very impressive from the outside. You are busy in order to receive this big attention from this person, busy, busy, busy, and then these are empty relationships, so empty that you can’t even imagine. And when you get free, you think, oh my god, this is so good, what a freedom.

Manifesting Generator is simply busy. He is busy with things that are not correct, and he not only gets frustrated, but also gets angry, and that is not a very pleasant vibration. And then they are becoming busy with working on their anger, work through their frustration. “You all, don’t disturb me now, I am busy with working on my anger.” They don’t understand this, they don’t understand that they are so busy with this energy which is so perfect, they are constantly throwing it away. And a lot of times because of that they are not respecting this energy, not valuing it.

If you are not operating correctly, not valuing yourself, not loving yourself, you can’t stand in your own Authority. And then any relationship that you enter is not correct for you. It doesn’t matter whether you are able to rationalize this relationship for yourself, what reasons you might find, what conditions, it doesn’t matter. This knowledge is connected with the value, differentiation. We all have this ability to differentiate what is correct for us so that we don’t waste our energy in vain, so that we don’t waste our life. Why should we waste this amazing trip? Only in order for you to take your energy and used it on something it doesn’t belong to? And then you are disappointed with what had happened.

I usually tell this story. There is a sheriff and a bandit. The sheriff is a Generator. Everyone is afraid of the bandit which is going to come. He came into town, and the sheriff is just sitting there, and people are walking up to him and saying – look, there is this bandit. The sheriff is not doing anything, and people say – hey, this is not cool, this is your job, you need to do something, and you are completely useless. But the Generator has this power only when he can respond, only then he will see this. Nobody respects this sheriff, it seems everyone dropped him. And when this gangster comes, he challenges the sheriff, and the sheriff responds. Look at those movies – the bad guy always takes out his pistol first, but the sheriff kills him. And then everyone thinks that sheriff knew something from somewhere. Everyone wants the sheriff to be another Manifestor, went there, caught the bandit, and killed him.

Manifesting Generator, more than any other Generator, has to understand what kind of power he has, and that they can use it only out of response. And they don’t understand this. This is a huge challenge for a Manifesting Generator – to surrender and try not to control their life. Because they are afraid. We are afraid to lose what we already have. This is not of any value, but we are still afraid. There are enemies which you know, and there are enemies which you don’t know. We are afraid. Not everyone in life is ready to risk everything that they have. It takes courage to refuse.

Manifesting Generator is deeply consumed by this business of theirs. There are so many things they can do. So many things. To stop doing this and see if this is specifically correct, very correct. This is a discovery of what you are. You don’t know what you are, Generator, until your Sacral center won’t identify you. It makes you what you are. It opens up all the possibilities for you which are you. You’ve got to understand something about any strategy in Human Design, what it does to you from the point of your body. In this body there is a cognitive potential which will rule your true intelligence as well. And it has to move this form on this plane, and it is moving to its true purpose. And your true purpose is not something that you need to chase. You don’t even need to know what it is. You just need to understand.

Many think that if they know the name of their Incarnation Cross, they know the name of their purpose. When you are ready to understand what it means, you already become IT, because that’s what the purpose is all about. This is becoming aware of what you are, and not becoming aware of what you are not. But to surrender and give away this Non Self, to take away the power that has a hold of you in this box is like to take away a pacifier from a child – if you let your mind give birth to different ideas that might be useful for you. Your mind is an expression of the conditioning results, nothing else. Because of the fact that your mind is expressing different themes to others, it knows nothing about you. It expresses everything that others say. Each person’s mind which is true and goes through this process, knows itself.

Manifesting Generators come across a big dilemma – the fact that they have this extraordinary power, and that their way of using the energy is different from Pure Generators. A Pure Generator should go to sleep when they are exhausted, and Manifesting Generator should go to bed before they are exhausted – only then they can sleep properly and have rest. Then they are moving their energy in order to complete their day before they fall asleep, and then they will wake up with fresh power. If you don’t use your power as a Generator, you won’t be able to rejuvenate, and recharge during your sleep. You will have problems with your kidneys, you’ll have problems with your sleepiness throughout the day, etc. This brings up to the basics of what it means to be a Generator. You have a source of energy, and if you don’t use it correctly, you will suffer. And these sufferings manifest in all kinds of ways. And it will enthrall you because you might be busy and ignore your Non Self.

You are enthralled in your business and you might get away, refuse, or you won’t notice these problems. But ultimately there is no way to completely avoid it. If you are a Generator, and you are not correct in this life, it will always carry emptiness for you. I know this for a fact. It is not something you can overcome. It’s all simple – take responsibility to make decisions through response. If there is no one who can ask you (it’s about a Sacral session), then you shouldn’t make any decision. You should understand this. Decision is something that your mind can't decide. It will always take you away from your lives, and I know how it sounds – “we have to wait until we are asked.” But you have to understand – you can’t be half pregnant, you are either waiting, or not. You can’t wait “sometimes.” It is connected with geometry, fractal line, movement in the space and time. If you are correct, you will be dealing with such powers which are correct for you.

I went to the US once, state of Wyoming, it was one of these incredible places like Siberia. I lived in the house of a Generator, and she obviously was interested in Human Design and was happy for me to stay over there. All this time she was trying to have conversations with me. Every morning I would wake up, come out into the main room and she was there always starting a conversation. I was ignoring her. And it’s been like this for 2 days. She started to get worried that I am ignoring her – this young, bright interesting woman. She started to get angry, telling people that it was a terrible mistake to let me stay over at her place, that I am a very terrible, rude person not responding to her.

During the last day of my stay I woke up, came out of my room, and see her sitting there, cold as stone, with frosty eyes, looking away. And I am using my sweet Manifestor’s tone say “good morning.” She got so angry. I told her – I am not replying to you when you start the conversation, it doesn’t work like this. I am a Manifestor. If you are talking to me, and I don’t want to talk, I won’t pay any attention to you. What difference does it make if you have anything to say or not. It will be a lie anyway. And it will be filled with nonsense. If I want to talk to you, I’ll say “Hi, how are you today,” and then you can tell me everything you don’t like. But believe me, I will respond to that”.

For a Generator to understand what it means if you are making a decision from responding – it is true, honest, real. But Generators are so dependent on others in their lives. Then you can’t get rid of fear, you are living with this fear, it is in the aura. Any Generator will go somewhere with other people. Imagine you are sitting at some table in the café, and it is an experiment. Don’t say anything. Just look and see what will happen. Manifesting Generator will be noticed immediately because you have this embracing aura. And they will tell you something, they will call you, they will take you somewhere. You have to let them. And then you will see who is for you, and who is not. You will see that if they don’t ask you, they are not for you. They will never be for you, they will never see you, they will never respect you, they will never be worried about you. They will use you as a slave all their life until they can. Because the only reason you will be in this relationship is because your mind said that “this is normal.”

But your mind doesn’t sleep with other people. It doesn’t know what it gets engaged with, it has no clue. It will try to do anything, come up with reasons, it doesn’t care about you, no, it doesn’t. The only thing you can trust in this life is the gut response, it will never lie to you. It will never make a mistake, never. And it doesn’t mean that your life will be a bed of roses. However, whatever you will face, you will be able to deal with it because you entered that experience in the right way. May it be relationships, work, this or that, it doesn’t matter. It takes courage to make the world come to your doors. Because this is what it’s like to be a Generator – you require respect, you are receiving it. You will receive it. It will come to you. It might surprise you. But it’s also ok. It’s not always what you think.

Mind gets captured by its conditioning, it has all these ideas, thoughts about how this should be and that should be. Your body and your Sacral center – they are the only ones that will tell you what is correct for you. And only when you are living from your gut response, you will feel this satisfaction. It is so good to be this person with power. How pure this energy can be, how amazing it feels to start your every day with it. This is the magic of a Generator. And this motor – it is the controlling mechanism of all your life. The rest of the things are madness.

As I already told you, this is the knowledge for approximately 30 million people, and a big majority of them are Manifesting Generators. I’ve witnessed this. And it is not something impossible, unproven. It is only connected to you in aloneness, nobody can do this for you. And that’s it. You have to understand this. To be abnormal is sometimes quite difficult socially because you might be uncomfortable since you’ll be operating not like other people. They will feel discomfort because you will be operating from your truth, and they might not be agreeing with you. You have to not agree with them, you will have to understand that as a Generator it is so easy to be entrapped and manipulated. Non Self of the Generator is very open to it. But if you are standing in your response, nobody can, nor God nor goddess, nobody can push you towards a direction which is not right for you. It is the knowledge about your Authority. And this Authority has to be 100 %. It’s not connected with anything else.
I know how difficult it is to be in a relationship. Only when you are standing in your Authority, you can embrace this life, you can embrace the other. Only then you will be meeting people in your life that you deserve. They are waiting for you.

When I am talking about Generators, I can’t leave behind the Solar plexus. I am a very unemotional person. I have only one Gate in the non-emotional system. I’ve lived a life when I climbed the height and came down, and I know what it means – to intake the vibrational frequency. I like it, and at the same time I hate it. I would make a decision to kill all the emotional people on the planet. I didn’t know how to do it. That’s why I got rid of this idea. Emotional system is what life is about, in what way we are perceiving it. For the Sacral being, Emotional center is always a drama which you are witnessing in a movie. The movie is quite boring, to tell you the truth. When you are coming out of this drama and dilemma of this emotional system, you are uncovering a true law: “there is no truth in the now.” This is a great law. There is no truth in the now.

Half of the world’s population is emotional. This is not a planet where all people can be just here and now, and make decisions. There is no truth in the now. It means that it is impossible to make any decision, or become committed to something, enter into something. If you are an Emotional Generator and you are waiting for prince on the white horse, you keep on waiting because that’s the path for a Generator. And here comes the prince. It works. But you are an emotional person, and there is no truth in the moment. This prince might be a frog. Very often the prince turns out to be frogs, and it might be the opposite – the frog might turn into a prince, like in a fairy tale. If you are an emotional person, then you can’t see the difference whether it is a prince or it is a frog. In the evening it looks like a prince, and then you wake up in the morning and it is a frog. Then you really have a problem because you don’t want to be with a frog. And this is an emotional being.

It is so easy to live with an open Self center. I wouldn’t want that. But again, you know that every center has its problems. But to be an emotional person for me is so unbelievable because I am looking at them from the other side, and I am a Spleen person. It means that I am really cold because I know only what I know in the moment. I am quite stupid, you can say so. My spleen is defined, and I can see only in the moment. And as soon as my spleen tells me something, it means this relationship is over. And if I don’t listen to it, - it’s not like I really talk to it, it’s impossible – then it’s too late. I can’t tell my Spleen what it was all about. In a sense I am quite ignorant. When people ask me why I do this or that, very often I don’t know why. And then you have this emotional person. They are so different from me, it’s incredible. They have this wave, and along that wave they see things from different points of view.

I remember we had this amazing strange friend when I was teaching Human Design to the Emotionals and non-emotionals. He came up to me and I said “you don’t understand.” And he says: “no, I don’t.” Yesterday he was understanding everything, it was here in the moment, he was seeing it, and the next morning he wakes up and sees everything differently. And everything which was clear to him is not clear anymore. And he doesn’t know where it is coming from. He wakes up in that specific place of the wave.

There is no truth in the moment. It’s moving. But emotional people – they are also ignorant, just like the rest. And if they give their wave a chance, time…oh, this has to do with time so much. The great dilemma of an Emotional Generator is that he thinks he is going to miss something if he doesn’t respond immediately. And more, to be an emotional person means to understand that your first response always says “I don’t know anything”. The first response is “wait.” And of course, this is very different for Generators. They have such a hard time to accept their response, and in order for an Emotional Generator to accept that anyone who comes to you in the moment when you are in the positive or negative response, and that response doesn’t mean anything… Nothing. And if you will make a decision and start acting from the “nothing,” then you have a problem because there is no completion, there is no truth, there is no satisfaction in this. You don’t have the whole picture. That’s why this person says “I’d like this, and that, and that.” Would you like to do this? Not really. But it is still not the answer. The answer is – I will tell you later. The answer is – go away right now. Leave my aura, I will work through this and turn to you later.

And this is really hard for people, it is, when your response is “yes.” Yes, I think you are a prince. And you keep on waiting to see whether the prince will turn into a frog or not. And maybe it will turn into a frog, and maybe not. We will survive if it is a frog. If from time to time it will turn into a prince, then it’s ok. But if you take this person, feel, analyze them internally because if you are an emotional being, then everything is connected with feelings for you. Your truth, your Authority are feelings. And no feeling in the moment can be the same. It is only one example of one such moment. Emotional people are here to feel samples of all people. It’s like you are drinking good wine sip by sip, tasting it. And little by little you are taking this person in, into your aura, and then you will know on a deep level.

I don’t know anyone really, I don’t. I have a closed aura. I am a Manifestor with a defined Spleen. If someone is walking in front of me, only then I can say whether I like the person or not. I don’t know why I like this person, why I don’t, I don’t know whether I will like them for long, I have no idea. It just comes and goes, in the moment. But if you are an emotional being, if you know me for quite some time, and you don’t love me, you know why you don’t love me, or I know why you don’t love me or I know why you love me. You really know it because you’ve went through the whole wave, tried all the samples, and then you got your clarity. You don’t have the truth ever. Emotional people never have the 100 percent truth. Maybe 99.9, if you are lucky. Usually for 70-80 % it is just clarity, emotional clarity.

Emotional system is here to rule us on the material plane, to make decisions for us. That’s what life is about. And emotional blindness is an incredible thing. Our world is suffering very deeply from emotional people which are making decisions in the moment – here and now. As if there is any truth in their “here and now”. As if this is a “yes” which they say on the top of their love and friendship. This is only one example, example of this point of view in the moment, nothing else. And you see, if you wait, there is such wisdom in the emotional depth which can be expressed. You can feel it.

Emotional system is a very deep thing. It is very beautiful. I know such people. It is such a pleasure to be with these emotional people when you can trust. You know that if you are going into a relationship with a person which is attracted to you being at some height of the wave, you will know how incorrect it is, how uncomfortable it is. I’ve had such partners – my mothers, sisters, wives. I’ve watched this movie and what it does. And ignoring and being ignorant towards this – it’s such a beauty. It is truly deep. And again, just like the rest of it, this is something which is dwelling within each of us. And you have to find out and live your mechanics. And if you are an Emotional Generator, then you are responding with time which brings clarity to you. And don’t think that you are going to miss something if you don’t respond. You will get what’s yours. You are not missing anything. You will get what is correct for you. Ultimately when you will make a decision from this clarity, it will be correct for you, this will be your wisdom in this clarity.

We all have to be dependent from this emotional world because this emotional world brings these extremes, it brings all the details of movement. Only emotional people have the potential to become real masters on that level, on that plane. And we need them to guide us with their clarity which is not distorted. It’s clear that non self emotional Generators are a very deep distortion for our plane – they are not surrendering, trying to be spontaneous in the moment. That’s why we have this world of rise and fall, the world of frustration and dissatisfaction, unaccomplished potential. This life force which we are holding on to – it would be nice to see how it is all going away, one person at a time. I know that there will be always enough people who will be attracted to this knowledge, and there will always be those who are ready to make a jump. There will also be others, of course, and they will raise children, grandkids. This is what this all is about – to give this person a right. It’s his right. And if you don’t use this opportunity, then what to do. Nothing. And it has nothing to do with beliefs, it never did. It is only about the mechanics.

Emotional Generators need a lot of courage to begin this journey. It will not be easy for you. The wisdom which comes from patience, differentiation which you find in our life, satisfaction which you can receive from all that, and leave behind that burden of frustration, and whatever you can share with all people – you will be embracing people with such aura which will be healthy, which will be operating correctly. And this is what changes the world as we understand it. And with understanding the emotional system, those who are outside this aura, will receive this beauty, this pleasure, this dynamic, this development. But only one by one, one person at a time.